Voie Libre international No. 95

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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minitrains : the egger-bahn contractor diesel locomotive makes a comeback

Announced at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, these small industrial engines are now available. Modellers will recall that in the days of Theodore Egger, these models were inspired by engines that used to carry out maintenance duties on the banks of the river Rhine. Like all MinitrainS models, the motor is installed vertically inside the cab, with a flywheel fitted on top. This ensures the engine runs smoothly, in particular at slow speeds. On this contemporary version, a large working lamp is fitted to the roof. This new model is available in 3 versions: ref. 2001, with black body and chassis; ref. 2002 with black body and red chassis or ref. 2003 with green body and red chassis. MINITRAINS INDUSTRIAL DIESEL ENGINE REF. 2001-2002 OR 2003 minitrains.eu RECOMMENDED PRICE: 139.90€…

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bachmann : a museum version of the baldwin 4-6-0

Bachmann has released its small Baldwin 4-6-0 in civilian or preserved version. A few small modifications have been made to the body: removal of the military lamps and of the water lifting hose coiled on the rear cab panel, and a new and attractive black and red livery with gold lining. With “PEGGY” plates added, we have the engine as it is preserved at the Ashover Light Railway - ref. 391-027. A closed cab version, as preserved on the Glyn Valley Tramway is also available - ref. 391-029. These locomotives are available in two versions, analogue or DCC. Bachmann has even included etched brass plates in the boxes, all that remains to be done is to fit them. BACHMANN BALDWIN 4-60 PEGGY REF. 391-027 ANALOGUE: 127.50£ DCC: 156.50£…

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narrow planet : “plate my baldwin” operation

With the release by Bachmann of the War Department Baldwin 4-6-0, the British artisan Narrow Planet has launched a special offer for whoever wishes to fit their engine with personalized plates. For the purchase of your choice of number plates or a pair of builder’s plates, you will get a 1.5£ discount by typing the code «platemybaldwin» when finalizing the order on their website. I received my plates wihtin a month and a half. Very neatly etched, they are simply glued over the markings of the model. If you want this to be made reversible, glue the plates with a tiny drop of white glue, of the Cléocolle or Cristalclear type. NARROW PLANET https://shop.narrowplanet.co.uk / WAR DEPARTMENT NUMBER PLATES: 3.00£ POSTAGE INCLUDED USING THE CODE “PLATEMYBALDWIN”…

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an announcement by bachmann europe

During the summer, Bachmann Europe provided some important information relating to the electrical supply of its Baldwin 4-6-0 engines in 00-9. These engines are fitted with a driving mechanism derived from those found on N gauge locomotives from the Graham Farish range (part of the Bachmann group). They are fitted with a coreless motor that is unsuitable for feedback type controllers. Bachmann therefore recommends using a standard transformer supplying 0 to 12 Volts. Furthemore, Bachmann has just begun selling a compact decoder, fitted with an 18-pin socket, that can be used in its Baldwin 4-6-0 engines. It is available under reference 36-567 at a cost of ca. 20 euros.…

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architecture & passion : the tpt station is back

Architecture & Passion has just re-released a modified and improved version of the typical station building of the Pithiviers to Toury tramway. The structure of this new version is entirely made of wood, which will ensure fine weathering effects with inks or oil paints. The brick facings, supplied pre-decorated, are from that artisan’s Easydéco range. The station building is supplied with its ancillary shanty. ARCHITECTURE & PASSION www.architecture-passion.fr TPT DECAUVILLE STATION + “GRIGNEVILLE” SHANTY REF. 87HOE30 PRICE: 67.00€ PLUS POSTAGE…

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While browsing the web, I discovered this material, which is described by its manufactuer as being highly innovative. Produced using wood from sustainably managed forests, Taskboard is a fibrous material, lighter than traditional bleachboard. Another difference with the latter is the ease with which it can be cut. In practice, 2 or 3 passes with a scalpel are enough to cut a 1.6mm thick sheet neatly, without it being necessary to exert a strong pressure on the blade. Another significant advantage, the possibility of bending the material. Prior to doing so, the board must be moistened slightly with a sprayer. Once wet, it must be curved and allowed to dry. And once dry, it will retain its shape. This is a useful feature when reproducing arches or weirdly shaped retaining…