Voie Libre international OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2017 - 91

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

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getting things done!

Forget dreaming by the riverside, thinking on the mountainside or pondering things in the countryside! It’s high time to return to the workbench and to the many autumn shows. Personally, I rather enjoy such prospects, which lead me back from my summer escapades to the office: dealing with real materials, creating a new small world, making something unusual… To cut a long story short: getting things done! Precisely, in this issue of Voie Libre, we have brought together things that make modellers tick: tricks of the trade, smart ways to do things, ideas that promote creativity. So, back to your workbenches and your lathes: make it happen!…

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what’s new

PMT : A SERVICE WAGON… This release was announced in 2015 and has only just become available. The prototype open wagon was the result of converting an old Saxon clerestoried carriage in the 1940s. It has been used since 1977 at Oberwiesental as a service wagon, to remove steam locomotive residue such as ash and cinders. It features a brakeman’s platform and corresponds to periods III and IV. This is a superb model which runs perfectly, has sharp markings and typically Saxon unsymmetrical link and pin couplers, which are compatible however with those made by Roco for example. Bemo or PMT stirrup couplers can also be fitted, but the latter are not supplied with the model. Jacques Royan PMT REF. 5-4421 PRICE OBSERVED: FROM 51 TO 55€ … AND A BREAKDOWN WAGON This model is a…

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the small accucraft decauville a delightful “frenchie” you will drool over!

THE MODEL AT A GLANCE Chassis length without buffers: 208mm Body width: 102mm Overall width: 119mm Total height (without whistle): 182mm Re-gaugeable wheels (45 or 32mm) Wheelbase: 62mm Wheel diameter: 36mm Weight empty: 2.660kg Boiler diameter: 54mm Boiler length: 100mm Butane gas firing Cylinder diameter: 11mm Piston stroke: 15mm Price: 1,975€ Distributor in France: Atelier Vaporiste, Le Chamberon 03450 Nades, France Phone: + 33 (0)9 66 84 39 00 + 33 (0)6 85 95 53 89 Email: info@atelier-vaporiste.com Accucraft has produced various semi-scale quality models in 1/13.7 scale (7/8 ths in the USA), reproducing 60cm gauge prototype engines running on 45mm gauge scale track. This is the same gauge as G or IIm scale (LGB track for example). The latest release from this manufacturer is 3.25 ton type 1 Decauville, distributed in France by Atelier-Vaporiste. ON OPENING THE BOX Unpacking the engine is a total (and pleasant) surprise. Although…

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ardèche miniature portraits of a few garden railway modellers

And for the last 17 years, enthusiasts from all over Europe have been gathering annually on the railway to share their passion and run their models on this exceptionally large garden layout. This year, the gathering took place during the warm and sunny weekend of 24 and 25 June 2017. This is how 70 enthusiasts got together over two days: Belgians, Catalonians, Dutch, Swiss and of course French garden railway fans swapped experiences and had great fun running their splendid models. WHERE TO FIND THEM Le Jardin des Trains ardéchois 07130 Soyons 04 75 60 96 58 www.jardin-des-trains.com…

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mers-les-bains just like the real thing!

THE MODELLERS Peter Smith and his mate John Smith are fine modellers. Both are secondary railway fanatics, and like to make such railways known. They are also francophiles and enjoy combining their various passions. So yes, Mers-les-Bains is the most British of French layouts, or possibly the opposite! François Fontana: Hello Peter, hello John, where exactly is Mers-les-Bains? Peter & John: Mers is in France, on the coast of Picardy, just opposite Le Tréport. In actual fact, Mers-les-Bains was never served by a meter gauge railway, it could (and can) only be reached on the standard gauge. But as we had decided to model a line on the coast of Picardy, and that we love the “Bains de Mer” railway*, we imagined this small additional terminus. It’s not prototypical, but it’s plausible all the…

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mataro - argentona an inter-urban tram

After having applied for permission to the Catalan government in 1917, the Mataro to Argentona tram limited company was created in 1926. The line, which connected Mataro, on the Mediterranean coast 30km north of Barcelona, to the town of Argentona, was opened on 27 May 1928. Originally, the line started from the RENFE station square in Mataro. This starting point was then moved to the city centre. The tram ran without interruption throughout the Spanish civil war. A small tramway The meter gauge track was 5.8km (3,6 miles) long, featured 32 kg/m flat-bottomed rail and an overhead wire supplied with 600V DC current. Three motor units, nos 1, 2 and 3, built by Lladro el Cunat-Valencia in 1928, were in service at the start of operations. Given the large numbers of passengers…