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Watercolor Artist October 2018

Packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials, watercolorists find everything they need in WATERCOLOR ARTIST to help them create stunning art...from start to finish.

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editor’s note

Creative block. It can happen to anyone. Whether an eager beginner or a seasoned professional, whether a painter or a poet, there are moments when the creative engine just stalls. While it can be frustrating, the good news is that, because few artists are immune to the occasional creative slump, there are a number of proven remedies for beating it. For many, the best answer to artist’s block is simply to step back and allow oneself some time outside of the studio. The idea is to do something that still feels creatively stimulating, but to do it away from paint, paper and brush. Here are just a few examples of tried-and-true solutions that can get you unstuck: • Visit a museum. You could revisit a local favorite, or you could use the situation…

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naomi brotherton

Dallas-based artist Naomi Brotherton celebrated her 98th birthday this past April with a painterly coup, having completed a huge commissioned work—and a first acrylic painting on canvas for the artist. For 60 years, Brotherton has exemplified the quintessential artist and teacher. Even today, she continues to teach one class per month and never ceases to be excited about making art. Her passion and drive to paint enable her to continue, despite an advanced case of macular degeneration. Brotherton’s acrylic painting of a chinquapin tree (shown above) and the resulting excitement generated by its success have made the artist want to continue exploring new avenues of expression. Although the 200-year-old tree in the painting was lost in a storm, its magnificence is preserved immortally through the artist’s work. With so much exploration and curiosity…

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new + notable

STUDIO STAPLES Prop-It Portable Tabletop Easel [$20] Use this multipurpose artist’s tool as a small easel; to prop up an art instruction book (with page holders); hold your smart device for reference photos; or to display a sketchpad. WALMART.COM Acrylic Paint by Derwent Academy [$15] U.K.-based company Derwent is offering a new line of art materials, Derwent Academy, for U.S. consumers, with a focus on quality, affordable paints. The acrylics are richly pigmented and appropriate for a range of surfaces. DERWENTART.COM ON THE SHELVES Arctic Light [$35] Escape to the Arctic Circle with author and painter David Bellamy, as he recounts his artful expeditions into the frozen wild via plein air painting escapades that will leave you feeling true awe and wonder. See excerpt on page 72. SEARCHPRESSUSA.COM Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly [$25] Available in mid-September, this book covers the global humanitarian…

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lifetime achievement in watercolor

In an interview with Watercolor USA Honor Society newsletter editor, Christine Buth-Furness, Dean Mitchell said, “We all sit in solitary and reflect on our lives at some point.” For Mitchell and fellow artist Don Lake, it’s been a lifetime of accomplishment in a medium known for its unruliness and beauty. Mitchell’s childhood in the South during the civil rights movement, and his close relationship with his hard-working grandmother, kindled a fire in him to paint the inherent dignity in his subjects. His portraits are famous for their subtle power and simplified palettes, so as not to detract from the subject. Likewise, his landscapes demonstrate both remarkable craftsmanship and emotional power. Ironically, for realist painter Lake, his beginnings in art were influenced by a museum visit to see abstract expressionism. After years working as…

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piazza di san marco

Painting with a sure and delicate touch, Maurice Brazil Prendergast (1858-1924) was one of the best watercolor artists in America. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Prendergast grew up and spent much of his life in Boston. After working as a sign painter, he moved to Paris in 1891 to study art. While in France, he became acquainted with work by the leading avant-garde artists of the period, among them Whistler, Vuillard, Bonnard and Cézanne. Prendergast was one of the first American artists to appreciate Cézanne’s significance. In 1895, Prendergast returned to Boston, and spent the next few years drawing and painting in the city’s public spaces. In 1898, he traveled to Venice, where he painted Piazza di San Marco. The artist’s stay in Venice between 1898 and 1899 yielded some of his finest…

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a pick of papers

I first discovered YUPO paper about 20 years ago when it went by the name Kimdura. Since then, many watermedia artists have had a chance to try it. If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know about this slick, waterproof, somewhat challenging but oh-so-fun surface. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? YUPO is a synthetic paper made of polypropylene—plastic. It’s 100 percent waterproof, very strong, tear-resistant and recyclable. There are two main advantages to the surface. The first is removability. Transparent watercolor can be readily removed at any time in the painting process. This makes altering your work or fixing mistakes relatively easy. Even a dry paint film can be re-wetted and removed, or altered. Also, you can preserve the white of the paper as you work, of course, but it isn’t a primary…