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WW - the NEW Weight WatchersWW - the NEW Weight Watchers

WW - the NEW Weight Watchers August 2018

WW magazine delivers your monthly dose of inspiration with the latest seasonal recipes, real-life success stories and advice to help you achieve your wellness goals - the perfect partner to the WW program.

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Believing in possibilities – it’s a powerful thing. Every invention, progression and achievement throughout history has occurred because someone believed that these things were possible. By using your imagination, opening up your world of possibilities and realising your true potential, absolutely anything is within reach.I love watching my two little boys play – every day they’re on new fantastical adventures into outer space or to the tops of giant volcanoes. It’s a beautiful reminder of the magic of imagination. It’s this insatiable curiosity and free-thinking that enables our children to ‘think big’ and believe that when they’re older, anything is going to be possible. An astronaut/rock climber/ ambulance officer/Olympian? Why not? I’m not sure where our imagination goes as we get older but, for the month of August, we…

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my top 3

SUCCESS STORIES Find out how Michael Allan-Ross maintains his weight while enjoying all his favourite foods on p92. WARMING CURRIES So satisfying on chilly winter evenings, there’s a fabulous selection of curry recipes to try on p38–44. GUT HEALTH Learn more about your microbiome and how it affects your health on p78. ■…

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6   ways to embrace your possibilities

1 GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY Hormones affect not only mood but can ramp up your appetite, too. Learn how to take control of changes to your hunger level on page 30, and how tip-top health starts with the gut (page 78).2 KNOW NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS Smarter snacking and arming yourself with a game plan means a visit to the food court won’t impact your healthy eating plan. See page 20 for ways to enjoy eating out while staying on track.3 MAKE HAPPINESS YOUR PRIORITY It’s easy to get into hibernation mode during winter. Perk up your motivation level by setting out a month of easy mood-boosters to top up your ‘yay’ tank. See page 86 for ideas.4 TRY NEW FLAVOURS Spice up your life, literally, by stepping…

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Welcome to the family We are delighted to welcome the wonderful Fat Mum Slim (aka Chantelle Ellem) to the #WWfamily! As the author of the inspirational blog Fat Mum Slim, Chantelle is no stranger to sharing her weight-loss experience. But these days her focus is different. She’s joined WW Your Way to make healthy habits a lifestyle – and we’re delighted to be supporting her on her journey!Here’s a segment from her latest blog: “Over the past year, since I created the Healthy Chunky Minestrone Soup recipe for Weight Watchers, I’ve been talking with the team behind the scenes.“I’ve shared my goals, and I’ve shared my needs. My needs are really simple. I don’t do shakes or meal replacements, I don’t like frozen foods much at all and…

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Make your HOUSE HEALTHIERNot only do green, leafy plants brighten up any room, they can also add health benefits. And now for the first time, recent research has calculated the amount of plants needed in our homes for ‘optimal health and wellbeing’. According to researchers at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University, simply adding one medium-sized plant to a medium-sized room increases air quality by up to 25 per cent. And when it comes to improving wellbeing, five or more plants leads to an improved mood, better concentration and better air quality. 3 of the best house plants BEST FOR: PLANT KILLERS ZZ PLANT ( ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOLIA ) These guys are very hard to under water and they…

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is stress ageing you?

“While going through highly stressful events it’s possible to experience accelerated ageing processes, such as greying hair, or ageing facial features,” he explains.Slowing this premature ageing process, Dr Demartini believes, is all about reducing the amount of stress we feel. Here’s how: 1 Don’t look backwards. “We often assume that our life would have been ‘much better’ if things turned out differently,” says Dr Demartini. “But rarely is that the case.” He believes that focusing on the future, not the past, encourages optimism. 2 Let go of fantastical expectations. “Sometimes people compare their present realities to falsely optimistic fantasies,” explains Dr Demartini. “Having unrealistic expectations about the world or yourself can add to your stress perceptions when life doesn’t match your…