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WW - the NEW Weight WatchersWW - the NEW Weight Watchers

WW - the NEW Weight Watchers March 2019

WW magazine delivers your monthly dose of inspiration with the latest seasonal recipes, real-life success stories and advice to help you achieve your wellness goals - the perfect partner to the WW program.

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what’s your why?

As we take another step into 2019 (where did the holidays go?), it’s an important time to look at the goals we set for ourselves and the true motivations behind them—our ‘why’. Being clear on my why consistently helps me make better decisions that align with my goals (in my career, with my children and in my relationships). I’ve always loved helping people learn, step into their potential and grow into their best selves—something that is intrinsically linked to health and wellness. I want to be a role model for my boys and show them how to live their best and most authentic lives. When I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, focusing on this becomes an important source of motivation for me to keep moving forward. To learn more…

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in the know

How kindness affects your brain It turns out, that warm and fuzzy feeling we get from giving to others without expecting anything in return is quite unique. In a new study, researchers looked at two types of kindness to see how they affect our brain. “Strategic kindness” refers to a kind act that is rewarded, such as a small gift or public recognition, while “altruistic kindness” is a kindness given with no expectation of reward. For the study, researchers looked at more than 100 brain scans of people making “kind decisions” to see if the brain looked different depending on whether the kind act was strategic or altruistic. Those who performed purely altruistic acts showed more activity in the part of the brain that deals with emotional behaviour. “[This] suggests that there is something…

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sound sleep

Research by the University of São Paulo shows that tongue exercises can be successful in reducing the frequency of snoring by 36 per cent, and its total power by 59 per cent. Why not give these moves a try? CURL IT Push the tip of the tongue against the roof of your mouth and then slide it backward into a curl. SUCK IT UP Suck your tongue upward against the roof of your mouth and press it as flat as possible. PUSH IT DOWN Push the back of your tongue against the floor of the mouth while keeping the tip of the tongue in contact with the bottom front teeth. Then, lift the back of the roof of the mouth and uvula (the little thing that hangs at the back of your throat) while saying “ahhhh”.…

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PLEASE EXPLAIN.... WHAT IS IT? Since it was approved for use as food a year ago, hemp has been popping up everywhere, from salad dressings to drinks. Hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant, but contain no, or very low levels, of THC—the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. So the only high you can expect from eating these nutty-tasting seeds—or oil—is nutritional value. WHAT DOES IT CONTAIN? Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids (protein building blocks for the body) and provide similar amounts of protein as beef—30g provides 11g of protein. Hemp is also high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and contains vitamin E, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc. BENEFITS? The high level of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) found in hemp seeds may help reduce PMS and menopause symptoms, including fluid retention, breast pain, depression…

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it’s time for ovary-action!

WITH NO EARLY DETECTION TEST, A KEY FOCUS FOR OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH IS TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ON THE SIGNS, SYMPTOMS AND RISK FACTORS OF OVARIAN CANCER TO INCREASE CHANCES OF SURVIVAL. SIGNS + SYMPTOMS ONE IN FIVE OVARIAN CANCERS ARE HEREDITARY yet almost 50% of woman with ovarian cancer aren’t aware of this. 3 Australian women die every day from the disease 1600 THE NUMBER OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN WHO ARE DIAGNOSED WITH OVARIAN CANCER EVERY YEAR Ovarian Cancer Australia’s flagship day, Teal Ribbon Day, is on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 FOUR Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each day 2/3 of women had not heard of ovarian cancer before their diagnosis…

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forging connections

There’s no denying that social media plays a huge part in our lives, and wellness is just one area that gets a lot of attention in this space. Health blogging sites, ‘fitspiration’ Instagram accounts and nutrition podcasts are all there for the taking if you need a daily dose of motivation. But more than just a source of inspiration and information, social media is often the quickest and easiest way to connect with others and foster a sense of common purpose—and that’s why WW Connect was created. Accessed via the WW app, this Member-only space offers online community support: a safe place to celebrate your progress and share your experiences with others—not to mention seek advice and encouragement from people who, like you, are on a mission to transform their habits…