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WW - the NEW Weight WatchersWW - the NEW Weight Watchers

WW - the NEW Weight Watchers May 2019

WW magazine delivers your monthly dose of inspiration with the latest seasonal recipes, real-life success stories and advice to help you achieve your wellness goals - the perfect partner to the WW program.

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seize the day—your way

Carpe diem or ‘seize the day’—it’s a widely used phrase we often see pop up in our Instagram feed or on coffee mugs. This mainstream spread of the phrase might have you dismissing it as ‘just another quote’, but it can serve as a really powerful reminder that we’re all in charge of our own destiny, and that change requires action. Amid the chaos of our daily responsibilities, it can be easy to lose focus of the future we’d like to build for ourselves. But if we ‘seize’ each day as an opportunity to get closer to our goals—by breaking them up into smaller steps —we can maintain a long-term sense of motivation and progress to achieve anything we set our mind to. A personal goal I’ve set for myself is to…

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in the know

Take a minute Breaks, pauses and brief interruptions in our work are, according to science, a much-needed thing. The benefits of taking a short rest range from increasing creativity and better problem-solving to less stress overall. Breaks are a mindful way to re-energise and come back with renewed focus. Time to drop the mouse and take five. Here’s how: 1 Go for a quick walk around the office or the block 2 Do some deep breathing 3 Make a cuppa or fill up your water bottle 4 Do some stretches at—or away from—your desk 25-29g People who ate this amount of fibre daily saw the biggest reduction in risk for developing obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, according to a study published in The Lancet. 59 UP TO % Adults who sleep just six hours per night—as opposed to…

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PLEASE EXPLAIN.... WHAT IS IT? Activated charcoal is the latest ‘detox’ trend that’s currently everywhere, from face masks and toothpaste to capsules and powders. It’s typically made from carbon-containing material, like wood, that is heated at high temperatures to create charcoal, then oxidised—a process known as ‘activation’. WHAT DOES ‘ACTIVATING’ IT DO? Activated charcoal has lots of small holes in its surface, increasing its surface area and making it more porous. It’s this sponge-like property that allows activated charcoal to soak up a variety of chemicals and it’s why you may see it used in filtration products, including water filters. WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS? Activated charcoal may help reduce gas production following a gas-producing meal. It is also said that it may improve hangovers and treat acne, however, these claims have yet to be conclusively proven.…

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konmari your mind

Our busy, modern lives are bursting with to-dos. But between work, family, friends and juggling ‘all the things’, you can also find a way to do something that sparks joy for yourself. ‘Physical’ and ‘mind’ clutter can be interrelated. Research shows that disorganisation and clutter can have a negative impact on our brains. Our brains thrive with order. When our home is disorganised or untidy, the visual distraction of clutter increases cognitive overload and can reduce our working memory and impede our focus. We often default to ‘yes mode’ when our time or energy is requested. Can you come to this event? Love to! Volunteer to help at this? I’ll be there! Make a cake for the school fair? You bet! Red velvet or butterfly cakes? I’ll make both. Manage…

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making time for your wellness

Time management is about effectively planning your day to get the most out of it. Lock in that exercise, meet that friend for lunch and complete that project. Tick. Allocating time to different activities makes it easier to work towards goals and, instead of always being ‘on’ and trying to do everything at once, we get the chance to turn off to give ourselves the self-care we need. Who can argue with that? If we don’t manage our time, however, things can be different. “Being constantly busy juggling commitments and tasks can mean neglecting ourselves,” says psychologist, Dr Marny Lishman. “Relaxation, exercise, healthy eating and sleep are often impacted.” Studies have found that a lack of time can also lead to difficulties in initiating and sustaining exercise and weight management programs. Similarly, sacrificing…

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time management tips

TRY TO: Download a time management app such as Remember The Milk and enter daily notification reminders for tasks throughout the day, week or month. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation may negatively impact hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, which can lead to eating more than is needed at night. Become a creature of habit and set routines for set times. For example, consider the time of day when exercise is most convenient to you and commit it to your diary or online calendar. HabitMinder is a great app to help you create good habits by tracking new routines. Remove external distractions. If you take away potential distractions, such as putting your phone away or turning off notifications, you’re more likely to complete a task in less time. Order your weekly shopping online. This not…