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WW - the NEW Weight WatchersWW - the NEW Weight Watchers

WW - the NEW Weight Watchers June - July 2019

WW magazine delivers your monthly dose of inspiration with the latest seasonal recipes, real-life success stories and advice to help you achieve your wellness goals - the perfect partner to the WW program.

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to a new beginning...

Of the many exciting roles I get to perform in my role as Program and Science Director at WW, being editor of WW Magazine has to be one of my favourites. Being able to celebrate the success of our Members and share helpful information to inspire even more success stories is an amazing monthly reminder of why I do what I do. And so it is bittersweet that I share that this issue of WW will be our last. While I, like many of our dear readers, will miss the magazine, I’m really excited for what’s next. Today, content comes in many forms, from video and podcasts to apps and social posts. While WW will no longer be publishing a magazine, we are dedicated to producing an array of content and…

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in the know

Walk it off Getting regular exercise is one of the best ways to increase energy levels, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Fitting in a daily walk is a simple way to build up your fitness and, with a few adjustments to your routine, you’ll be reaping the health benefits in no time. It’s about when A study in Diabetes Care found that walking for 15 minutes after each meal —three times a day—was more effective in lowering glucose levels for the three hours following, compared with 45 minutes of sustained walking at other times of the day. It also aids in digestion as the activity increases the rate at which food passes through the stomach. Walking helps the mind, too Research has shown that thinking on your feet fuels creativity. So,…

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trying to lose weight? your phone can help

We’ve always advised our Members this, and now two recent studies have proven that tracking what you eat may help you lose weight. “The mere act of recording what you eat will evolve your eating habits,” says WW’s Director of Program & Science, Dr Michelle Celander. “Start by tracking what you have in everyday life and then layer in weekends and eating out—different situations that you need to learn to navigate. After six to nine months, you’ll better understand every context of your life.” The WW app has an easy-to-use, in-built tracking function, including a barcode scanner for any packaged foods you might have. However, Celander also advises that you can visually track, too. “Take photos of what you’ve eaten and then reflect,” she says. “But be diligent about taking…

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easy energy

TAKE A BREAK Even if your work day is out-of-control busy, make the effort to go for a lunchtime stroll. A brisk trip around the block while taking some deep breaths will circulate oxygen and also lower stress levels. EAT FOR ENERGY A staggering 96 per cent of Australian adults don’t get enough veggies in their diet. Instead of reaching for the chocolate when the 3pm slump rolls around, try snacking on some carrot or cucumber sticks dipped in hummus. DRINK WATER Even mild dehydration can adversely affect brain function and cause fatigue. To combat feelings of sluggishness, grab a glass of water. Just the act of going to get a drink is beneficial as you are up and moving—win-win!…

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PLEASE EXPLAIN.... WHAT IS IT? Touted as ‘the new matcha’, moringa is a green powder that is native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, sometimes referred to as the ‘drumstick tree’. You may have noticed it popping up on shelves in the form of powders, oils and capsules. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Moringa contains vitamins A, C, E and K, alongside calcium, iron, magnesium and essential amino acids, which may help to reduce inflammation and protect cardiovascular and brain health. However, keep in mind that the amounts of these vitamins found in moringa capsules are negligible compared to what you consume if you eat a healthy, balanced diet. HOW CAN I TRY IT? Food companies have been quick to include moringa in pressed juices, nutrition bars and kombucha. It is also starting…

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keep cups

Did you know that each year in Australia over one billion takeaway coffee cups are produced and disposed of? Most of these cups are non-recyclable because they are usually lined with plastic to make them waterproof. You can help reduce this waste by using a stylish reusable cup. MOCKA BAMBOO CUP Made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo fibres with a silicone grip, the Mocka coffee cup is both BPA-free and DEHP-free. Available from Target or mocka.co.nz, $14.95 ANZ. SOL CUPS Made from 100% hand-blown glass, these cups are chemical free, lightweight, and microwave and dishwasher safe. Available from coffee shops and solcups.com, from $27.99 ANZ. VAYA LIFE’S DRYNK 350 This handy insulated tumbler keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours. Available from vayalife.com, from $46 ANZ To stay up to date on the latest health and…