Wordpress For Beginners WordPress For Beginners 7th Edition

The new edition of WordPress for Beginners will teach you everything you need to know with inspiration and instruction for bloggers just getting started. You'll learn about choosing themes, basic CSS, uploading media and much more. You'll also have access to a wide range of multimedia resources and tutorial files through our FileSilo download system, so get stuck in! Featuring: Get to know WordPress - Learn the new features of the recent update. 20 best WordPress themes - Take a look at some of the best themes. 20 best WordPress Plugins - Tailor your website to your needs. Newest feature - Get to grips with the updated features in WordPress 4.7.

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welcome to wordpress for beginners tm

WordPress has continued to grow in both popularity and capability over the last few years, and has evolved from being an iconic blogging platform to a powerful content management system that hosts everything from personal blogs and fan sites to message boards and eCommerce sites. As you’ll discover, WordPress truly does have all of the tools and components you will need to get started with your blog. This new edition of WordPress for Beginners has been written by experts and enthusiasts in order to teach you how to set up an account, how the WordPress interface functions, and how to publish and customise your very first website. In addition, it will also take you through the best themes and how to make them your own, plus great plug-ins that your…

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get to know wordpress

WORDPRESS 4.4 IS out now, and includes a selection of new features and security fixes to help bring your blog or website right up to date. A host of new features are available in WordPress, from improvements to the theme customizer view and media library interface to enhanced media handling in the visual posting view and a brand new interface for installing plugins. You’ll also find some changes to the TinyMCE UI when creating a new post and it is now possible to select a language when you install WordPress for the first time. These improvements all work together to deliver an updated, polished WordPress experience. Enhancements to managing images and videos helps to save time with previews, while browsing for new plugins has become a far better experience, allowing you to…

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get to know the dashboard

At first glance, the Dashboard may not seem all that different in recent updates, but on closer inspection you should spot the Welcome panel, where a collection of shortcuts can be found. Ideal for newcomers to WordPress, the panel – which provides shortcuts for adding widgets, installing a new theme, writing a new post and adding an about page, as well as managing widgets and menus, turning comments on and o_ and more – can be dismissed if you’re a more experienced user. Elsewhere on the Dashboard, the At a Glance panel, your blog’s comments Activity, the Quick Draft box and the WordPress News (useful for spotting when new updates are imminent!) are also available, and are as customisable as they were before, you are able to drag and drop for your…

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update wordpress

One of the greatest aspects of WordPress is its much-admired easy installation, and the latest version is no different. If you’re blog is already running WordPress, ensure your database is backed up and then sign into the Dashboard, find the notification informing you that the latest WordPress upgrade is available (this will be across the top of the page) and click the link to begin the upgrade process. This is the same as soon as there is any new update for you to install. After the update completes, you’ll be presented with the new Dashboard page and confirmation that you are now running the newest edition. Before proceeding, however, check your plugins and themes for updates to ensure full compatibility with the new version of the blog software. Note that some…

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blogging made easier

“Note that some plugins may need to be disabled until the developers release compatible updates” Improvements to the way in which you compose posts in WordPress can be a benefit to new bloggers and those using WordPress as the publishing system for their top-rated, busy website. On the face of it, there are few differences with the previous version of WordPress, but these improvements have been gradual over the past couple of years, and as such are more secure and stable here. In the Add New Post screen you’ll still find the title box, the option to edit the Permalink (a vital tool in your SEO strategy) and to add images using the Add Media button. You may also prefer to view all of the available buttons in the TinyMCE text editor,…

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revised media library

One key addition to WordPress in recent months is an improvement to the Media Library. It is now possible to view a larger-resolution version of an uploaded image and make the necessary changes with ease. Improvements in how your images are handled in the Edit screen (Media>Library>{Select your image}>Edit Image) meanwhile allow you to make and save edits without worrying whether or not the changes you make will be applied. Although it isn’t advisable to edit images on the server of a busy website, sometimes it just cannot be avoided (we would advise that image editing usually takes place on your computer or tablet). You can also add a new title for the image, set a caption to be displayed when it is embedded in a post as well as display alt…