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July 2021

The fascinating history and details of world coins are brought to life monthly in World Coin News. We are the leading authority on world coins and regularly report on new issues, auctions and other coin news from around the world. Our top experts provide in-depth historical information on coins and the countries that issue them.

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3 min
coin superstition grounds plane

“We are told that it is the superstitious belief of the time that wearing a bent coin afforded protections against the power of witches.” Okay, so Donn Pearlman’s comment about the Tooth Fairy using MasterCard rather than coins rings true about what could happen to one superstition in a cashless society (see the previous article), but coins and superstition can go together in many other ways as well. In recent years China has had a rash of cases in which one coin superstition has been interfering with airplane transportation. Yes, here we go again. Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines was recently forced to cancel a flight due to someone trying to wish the flight well by throwing coins at the engines just prior to takeoff. According to a posting on the Chinese microblogging website…

3 min
japan to issue redesigned 500-yen coin

The function of most circulating coins today is as small change. There are exceptions. Canada has successfully circulated both $1 (Loonie) and $2 (Twoonie) coins. Great Britain has it’s formerly round (not so round anymore) pound. Circulating coins of Australia include $1 and $2 denominations. Switzerland uses a 5-franc coin in circulation that is the equivalent of about $5.50, making this one of the highest value coins in use anywhere. Japan is part of this group as well. Japan has its ¥500 (yen), with a value equivalent to about $4.60 U.S. On April 27 the Japanese Ministry of Finance announced a newly designed ¥500 coin will be released into circulation. The coin in some respects is overdue, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. The coin’s release date was originally scheduled for April.…

4 min
russia explains the fate of damaged currency

Bank notes have served as a convenient substitute for large numbers of coins since at least the time of the Tang dynasty in China which began issuing flying cash, or feiqian, likely about AD 770. While notes are valued higher than individual coins, metal coins are more likely to have a longer shelf life. The destruction of worn out or mutilated bank notes has always been tasked to the bank or government of issue. The methods used to destroy these notes varies and is often shrouded in secrecy. A Russia Beyond article published by Reuters on April 20 gives us a window into how modern Russian bank notes are disposed of once they have outlived their usefulness. Russian bank notes have been printed exclusively in Moscow at the state-owned factory Goznak since…

19 min
show calendar

For complete show listings visit NumisMaster.com The World Coin News club show and commercial events calendar is a guide to events with a focus for world-coin collectors. Domestic events scheduled up to 10 weeks in advance of the issue date and foreign events up to six months in advance are listed. Abbreviations used: “A” – Admission charge; “T” – number of tables; “F” – Table fee; “N/A” – not available. Other data required for submitting a listing: name and address of show site, and name and address of bourse chairman or other contact person. JUNE Jun 25-26 CA, Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale Coin Show. Domain Hotel, 1085 El Camino Real. SH: Fri. 10-6; Sat. 10-5. T: 34. Bill Green. PH: 925- 351-7605 or info@norcalcoinshows.com or NorCalCoinShows.com. Jun 26 MO, St. Louis. St. Louis Numismatics 1 Day…

11 min
thai gambling tokens and the transition to flat coins

SO HERE WE ARE, anywhere in East Asia, any time in the last 2500 years. It doesn’t matter if we’re a northern horse nomad or a southern sailor, or a farmer, or an aristocrat, or a merchant, or a soldier. Or male or female, for that matter. Different languages, different economies, different ways of life. We all have something in common. Either we, ourselves, or some near relations, like to gamble. We play dice, or the earlier version, knuckle bones, board games, coin toss. We place bets on everything. Or our cousin does. Or our uncle. I mean, a lot more than in other parts of the world. Gambling is everywhere of course. But, you know, hundreds of little betting shops, like in mid-19th century Bangkok. Like convenience stores in America today,…

4 min
künker offers 350th auction on 50th anniversary

KÜNKER’S SPRING AUCTION Sales 2021 again illustrated that prices are currently at an all-time high. The total result amounted to over $13 million, almost double the estimate of about $6.75 million. The sales attracted bidders from around the globe, 2,300 of them participated in the auction, with many folks checking in live via the internet. A great old collection of Roman Alexandria composed of 325 lots created some excitement. The high prices achieved were revealing in that most bidders are presumed to be collectors, as opposed to investors, making these results a strong indicator of the conviction of this highly educated collecting base. The Tesmer Collection of Brandenburg-Prussia coinage was a second attention grabber. This collection centers on an extremely popular area and makes such an extensive offering that everyone in numismatics…