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Sew News June/July 2019

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DEAR READERS, By now, it’s no secret that I love sewing for summer. When I’m not at the sewing machine, I also love a good summer adventure! My family has a number of road trips planned this summer. Maybe you have a few trips on the docket as well? Travel is a great time to experiment with capsule sewing. Just imagine a well-coordinating set of garments that can be mixed and matched, dressed up or down, won’t wrinkle in transit AND fits nicely in a carry-on? It’s possible! In this issue, we’re bringing you a variety of perspectives on sewing for travel, and even a few tidbits for sewing while you travel, whether you’re headed away for a week or three months. We’ve also got some great garments that just might fit…

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reader tips

STABLE SERGE Before serging the raw edges of easily frayed fabrics, dissolve small water-soluble stabilizer pieces in water, and then brush the liquid onto the fabric raw edges. This prevents the fabric threads from poking through the serged edges. Ethel D., letter MAT MAKEOVER Use your worn-out cutting mats for tote and purse bottoms. They’re easy to cut to the desired width and length, since they have gridlines. They’re the perfect thickness and have just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility. Jane N., email BOBBIN BFF Wind the bobbins at the same speed you sew; too fast and the seams may ripple, too slow and seams will be too loose. Anne H., email TWIST AND SHOUT Always prewash cotton and cotton polyester knits before cutting and sewing. Prewashing prevents the finished garment side seams from twisting during wear. Eileen C.,…

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hide & seek

Play & Win! What is it? Pictured at left is part of a photo from this issue. When you find it, enter online at sewnews.com or send a postcard with the page you found it on to Sew News, Hide & Seek, 741 Corporate Circle, Ste. A, Golden, CO 80401. Responses are due May 31, 2019. From the correct responses, we’ll randomly draw five winners, one of which could be you. Congratulations to the April/May 2019 Hide & Seek winners! Zmira C., Brooklyn, NY Gwendolyn B., Antioch, CA Mary C., Coos Bay, OR Sarah H., Lenoir, NC Mary S., Barefoot Bay, OR…

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staff picks

1. Don’t struggle with paper rolls as you draft or trace patterns: Wrap Buddies hold everything in place while you measure, cut and tape. Wrap Buddies clips to your table and doubles as a tape dispenser. Clip it to any table or counter top, place the roll in the device, adjust the spacing to fit the length, then unroll the paper, measure and easily cut. wrapbuddies.co 2. The Perkins Shirt and Shirt Dress by Ensemble Patterns caught our eye immediately. Featuring four length options, including a travel-friendly tunic, raglan sleeves and multiple collar options including one that ties in the back, the Perkins is unique and architectural. ensemblepatterns.com 3. The Large Amish Sewing and Craft Basket Organizer Box with Drawer makes a great sewing organization and storage basket or a useful arts…

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adrianna appl of hey june handmade

SN: Describe your perfect day. AA: Sleeping in, brunch, going for a hike, reading somewhere quiet with a coffee, meeting good friends for dinner and watching some “Parks and Rec” in bed. I’m a pretty simple lady! SN: What’s your best way to decompress? AA: I’ve established good boundaries, I stay away from internet drama, I say no ALL the time and I’ve surrounded myself with awesome people who do the same. And I don’t have toddlers. So I don’t really find a need to decompress very often but I do love reading in bed or taking a hot shower at the end of a busy day! SN: What’s your greatest extravagance? AA: Boots in general, Frye boots in particular. I also have a considerable Pendleton blanket habit. I don’t buy these things often, but…

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When it comes to finishing a garment or decorative project, choosing the right fastener can make the difference between a professional or obviously handmade look. With the array of fasteners on the market, choosing the right one and knowing how to apply it is a snap. SNAPS These sturdy closures are often used on children’s clothing, men’s shirts and at cuff openings. There are three basic types of snaps: sew-on, covered and no-sew. SEW-ON SNAPS have two basic components: a ball insertion piece (male) and a socket, or receiving, piece (female). COVERED SNAPS are just that, sew-on snaps that have been covered with fabric to coordinate with a project. They come pre-covered in neutral colors, or you can cover them as you would a button. To cover a snap, cut a fabric circle three to…