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SFX February 2018

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the ed zone

EBOOK DOWNLOADSee p19 for detailsHappy New Year, and welcome to our first issue of 2018! It’s always good to see Mulder and Scully on the cover of SFX – only Buffy can rival the FBI’s finest spook/alien hunters in terms of number of appearances – and we’re always happy to celebrate one of the biggest shows of our lifetime. Indeed, The X-Files’ colossal mid-’90s popularity helped establish us as the biggest sci-fi and fantasy mag on the planet. Welcome back, guys!So, with Mulder and Scully getting back to what they do best, we get the lowdown on season 11 from Chris Carter and David Duchovny. Our massive 17- page feature (p37) also sees us reopening some classic files, with a map of X-Files cases, interviews with a real-life Fox Mulder…

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rants & raves

RICHARD EDWARDSEDITORRAVESMuch more excited about Spielberg’s new film, Ready Player One – the latest trailer made me feel Ernest Cline’s book is going to work brilliantly on the big screen.RANTSIt’s got dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum, yet the Jurassic World trailer felt strangely flat to me – hopefully they’ve saved the best stuff for later.IAN BERRIMANREVIEWS EDITORRAVESLoved the first episode of Hard Sun. Agyness Deyn is so bad-ass in it!Belatedly saw Thor: Ragnarok: best MCU movie to date, I’m saying. Certainly the most fun.Fan of classic Who? You will adore Clayton Hickman’s obscure-reference Red Bubble designs inspired by the show: http://bit.ly/claywhoJONATHAN COATESART EDITORRAVESCan’t wait for Early Man. Nick Park is a genius.Could the possible Disney purchase of 20th Century Fox mean that we’ll finally get a decent Fantastic Four movie as…

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the running man

THE FUTURE FIRST!NEWS //// INTERVIEWS //// INSIGHT //// PUNKSSubscribe at myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/sfxSCI - FACT!Wes Ball says The Death Cure may receive an extended edition DVD with “huge action scenes” cut from the movie.An extreme alternative to buying a train ticket.Kaya Scodelario returns as the first female Glader.They had no idea what they were shooting at.The youths all agreed that washed-out colours were in.It’s the end of an era. After The Hunger Games and The Divergent Series, there’s just one more entry to go in the last remaining young-adult dystopian film saga — Maze Runner: The Death Cure.The Death Cure marks the third and final chapter in director Wes Ball’s adaptation of author James Dashner’s book trilogy; concerning Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien), a young amnesiac who awakens in a postapocalyptic world…

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come what maze

(GETTY (1))HAT TIPIf adventure has a name, it’s that of the movie trilogy that most inspired the Maze Runner films… “Looking back on it, we probably share more with Indiana Jones than anything,” Wes Ball tells Red Alert. “The first one, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, is this great introduction to a character and a world and it’s fun and it’s exciting. The second one… It’s pure craft. It’s fantastic to watch. It’s super entertaining. You can just watch it whenever… And the third one, The Last Crusade, is a super-emotional farewell to the fans and the character. That’s where we’re at now.”THE SHAPE OF THINGS“Each Maze Runner film’s kind of distinct and different,” says Ball. “Even visually. In the first one, there’s rust and concrete and overgrowth, and at…

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nine lives

SCI - FACT!New Inside No 9 guest stars include Zoë Wanamaker, Noel Clarke, Nigel Planer and Nicola Walker.They took having their room keys stolen surprisingly well.Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are back with more Inside No 9.Expect more trademark unsettling strangeness. (© GETTY (2))There’s a good chance Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith’s names will be preceded by “The League Of Gentlemen’s…” for the rest of their careers. Yet by the time the upcoming fourth series of Inside No 9 finishes airing, they’ll have made more episodes of their anthology show than they have in Royston Vasey – and Shearsmith says they’re not done yet.“The very nature of the anthology series is it’s not familiar, we begin again every time,” the Inside No 9 co-creator/star tells Red Alert. “I think that’s…

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aerial assault

American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green leave the show.A new take on Sabrina The Teenage Witch is the way, as Netflix orders two seasons.The streaming service has also confirmed Stranger Things 3 and a second season of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return......and picked up the rights to John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War novels......and is reportedly rebooting He-Man spin-off She-Ra.Patrick Macmanus, who worked on Grant Morrison’s Happy!, adapting Kurt Vonnegut’s classic Slaughterhouse- Five for Universal Cable.Hit podcast Welcome To Nightvale may be heading to TV – FX is developing a series.The identity of the Walking Dead star joining Fear The Walking Dead has been revealed and it’s Lennie James, aka Morgan. Lost and Taken star Maggie Grace is also joining the zombie spin-off.“DON’T QUOTE ME”“IF THERE WAS THE…