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4x4 Magazine Australia January 2021

4x4 Australia takes you to Australia’s most exciting and remote destinations , and we show you how to get there! We test the latest and greatest new and modified vehicles, as well as new camping and outdoor adventure equipment. We introduce you to loads of interesting people, show you heaps of awesome holiday trips and destinations, and we put you in the driver’s seat to tackle the country’s toughest off-road challenges. It’s a whole lot of dirty fun every month!

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variety is the spice

ONE of the coolest things I love about working on this mag is seeing the massive variety of vehicle makes, models and styles that folks choose to drive, modify and use for whatever they need. While some are keen to say we have a Toyota bent at 4X4 Australia, the massive range of four-wheel drive vehicles offered by Toyota compared to any other make or model, and the fact that the brand accounts for almost half the total new 4x4s sold in Australia each year, has a lot to do with that weighting. It’s a couple of Toyota vehicles featured in this New Year issue of the magazine that piqued my comments. Brendan and Nikita Shanley’s LandCruiser 79 and Brad Miskiewicz’s N70 Hilux might both be Toyota 4x4 utes built for…

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ready to rock

TALK about having your cake and eating it too, with the latest release from EarthCruiser: its Extreme XTR250 camper. Designed to sit on the venerable Toyota 79 Series platform, the Extreme XTR250 can be constructed to suit your choice of a single- or dual-cab LandCruiser, making it as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. The beauty of this setup is there is no need to tow, nor do you need a massive full-size vehicle to fit a decent-size camper. What this translates to in the real world is that you can take this mobile house-on-wheels anywhere a normal LandCruiser can go, including inside a shipping container if you feel like touring internationally. As you can see from the images, the camper interior looks more like a luxury apartment than an off-roader. It’s not…

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yenko yankee

THERE’S no denying the popularity of American pickup trucks has grown in Australia since the demise of locally made 4x2 utes and the introduction of more affordable 1500 models and heavy-duty 2500 towing rigs. But these trucks don’t make great off-road vehicles in standard trim, and the naturally aspirated petrol V8 engines can lack the torque many of us prefer in a truck. US Chevrolet tuning specialists Yenko has a long history with the bow-tie brand, dating back to the muscle-car era of the late-sixties when they produced and marketed some of the quickest and most desirable Camaros and Corvettes available on the street. Yenko has applied its performance talents to the offroad segment in the form of the Silverado pickup, with this supercharged 800hp beast of a rig, and it will…

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travel bulletin

AS state borders start to re-open, events that were postponed or in doubt are coming back online, so it’s time to get out and about to enjoy the great land and support the communities. The situation is still fluid and things are changing all the time, so please check with event organisers before locking in your plans. LOVIN’ THE LAKE With so many people travelling in local areas these holidays, the coasts north and south of Sydney will be busier than ever. But as schools go back and folks return to work, makes it a prime time to explore these gorgeous places. Just north of Sydney is Lake Macquarie, and close by the surf beaches of Caves Beach, Redhead and Blacksmiths Beaches where you can drive a 4WD on the latter two; beach-driving…

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I AM always interested in chasing up the stories behind some of the old, historic vehicles we have here in Australia, and they often have a fabulous story to tell. Probably the one that grips the imagination more than most is Francis Birtles’ ‘Sundowner’, now in the National Museum of Australia and one that is often on display in the main hall. Made famous by Birtles’ exploits around Australia, it gained enduring fame when it became the first vehicle to drive from London to Melbourne in 1928. It was an incredible achievement (See: www.whichcar.com.au and search ‘Birtles’). But there are others. At the National Motor Museum (NMM) in Birdwood, South Australia, which houses one of the greatest collection of vehicles in the country, you will find a heap of interesting old vehicles. The…

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tech torque

SPECULATION that Toyota’s 4.5-litre V8 diesel is on the chopping block is gaining more voice and, while the big oiler V8 won’t live forever, I think its imminent demise is overstated. The diesel V8 in question is currently used in the LandCruiser 200 (in twin-turbo form) and as a single-turbo engine in the various 70 Series models. Its future seemingly hinges on the replacement for the 200 Series – let’s call it the 300, which has been “about to arrive” for a couple years now but hasn’t. The third quarter of 2021 is the latest debut date. That the 300, and its Lexus equivalent, won’t have naturally aspirated petrol V8s is a given, with V8s being on the nose environmentally. Not that you can buy a petrol V8 in an Australian-delivered 200…