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4x4 Magazine Australia May 2021

4x4 Australia takes you to Australia’s most exciting and remote destinations , and we show you how to get there! We test the latest and greatest new and modified vehicles, as well as new camping and outdoor adventure equipment. We introduce you to loads of interesting people, show you heaps of awesome holiday trips and destinations, and we put you in the driver’s seat to tackle the country’s toughest off-road challenges. It’s a whole lot of dirty fun every month!

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wagon or ute?

LOOKING at the two newvehicle comparison tests in this issue of the magazine brings up the age-old question of which is best: a 4x4 wagon or a 4x4 ute? In many ways it comes down to what style of vehicle best suits your needs, but the doublecab ute is proving to be the most popular choice with buyers. Mainly it’s price, which is driven by the economies of scale – ie, car companies sell a lot more utes than they do wagons, so they are able to sell them at lower prices to remain competitive – and with so many mid-size 4x4 utes on sale, that market is incredibly competitive. As such, the utes usually offer more value than similar wagons. Some 4x4 utes are Light Commercial Vehicles and they can be…

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hummer ev suv gets impressive off-road components

GMC has pulled the wraps off its 2024 Hummer EV SUV (wagon), which will join the EV pickup on sale in the USA in 2023. While the wagon shares the same electric drivetrain and off-road kit as the pickup, it does get some impressive off-road specifications and tricks thanks to its shorter wheelbase, particularly when equipped with the Extreme Off-Road pack. While four-wheel steering is nothing new to production cars, the Hummer EV’s system not only turns the front and rear wheels in opposite direction to decrease the turning circle and hence manoeuvrability on tight tracks, but it can also steer them in the same direction to allow the vehicle to ‘crab’ its way sideways. Hummer first showed this feature, which it calls Crab-Walk, on the EV pickup last year. The shorter wheelbase…

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arb kits out new ford bronco

IT’S A vehicle not destined for an Australian release, but that hasn’t stopped Aussie 4x4 accessories brand ARB jumping on to kit-out the exciting new Ford Bronco. ARB’s business in the USA is huge and the new Bronco is expected to be a favourite among the off-road faithful, tuners and modifiers, so it’s no real surprise the Aussie company has gear ready to go for it. As part of a group of concept vehicles that Ford took to Moab at Easter, the ARB Bronco Badlands joined some of the leading off-road accessories brands in the world. Bronco gear by ARB for Bronco two- and four-door variants are featured in this custom Bronco Badlands and include airbag-compliant front and rear bumpers with rated recovery points; the front bar with integrated LED light; underbody protection…

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travel bulletin

Events that were postponed or in doubt are coming back online, so it’s time to get out and about to enjoy this great land and support the communities. The situation is still fluid and things are changing all the time, so please check with event organisers before locking in your plans. WARM UP IN KAKADU A great way to escape the winter blues is a getaway to the NT’s Top End. On any visit there, a trip to Kakadu National Park is a must. Kakadu Tourism (KT) is an Indigenous-owned company which this season adds Koolpin Gorge (Jarrangbarnmi) to its Spirit of Kakadu 4WD adventure tours schedule. Usually only accessible by permit, KT has negotiated special entry to the region, one of Kakadu’s most scenic landscapes. See www.kakadutourism.com WEIPA BULLRIDE If the feature on…

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tech torque

TORQUE, NOTHING BUT ALL TALK? SEEMINGLY we all know someone whose chipped LC200, LC79, Ranger 3.2 or Amarok V6 makes more torque than you could jump over: “She’s good for 800Nm mate! Goes like a rocket.” Or perhaps it may be 900Nm, or 1000Nm, or more. Just depends on the ‘someone’ in question! Well if you’re sick of hearing this over and over, here’s how to shut them up. Just tell them that by itself 1000Nm counts for nothing, and you can produce 1000Nm by doing absolutely nothing once you have the ‘test apparatus’ in place. Here’s how it works… You need a decent-sized mate who tips the scales at 102kg. You also need a metre-long truckie’s wheel wrench with an old metal tractor seat welded to one end of the spanner. The…

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THE GREAT ESCAPE FROM MT DARE WE WERE closing in on the western side of the desert when spasmodic, light, misty rain started to fall. When we arrived at Dalhousie, South Australia, the weather was decidedly cool and overcast and, again, there were a few spits of rain. That evening we arrived at the oasis of Mt Dare and were greeted by Graham and Sandra Scott, the owners and operators of this fine establishment (www.mtdare.com. au). As we were one of the first across the desert for the 2021 season (after a very poor 2020 year because of you-know-what) and the only ones at the hotel at the time, we had plenty of time to chat and catch up on previous travels and to find out the latest gossip in the area. But…