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4x4 Magazine Australia July 2021

4x4 Australia takes you to Australia’s most exciting and remote destinations , and we show you how to get there! We test the latest and greatest new and modified vehicles, as well as new camping and outdoor adventure equipment. We introduce you to loads of interesting people, show you heaps of awesome holiday trips and destinations, and we put you in the driver’s seat to tackle the country’s toughest off-road challenges. It’s a whole lot of dirty fun every month!

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the long game

IT’S not every day an all-new LandCruiser arrives from Toyota. In fact, it’s not even every year or decade, so a new Cruiser is big news. The model cycle of four-wheel drive vehicles has traditionally been longer than that of normal passenger cars, but they have tended to shorten in more recent times due to the popularity of the 4x4 one-tonne utes. There are so many players in the 4x4 ute market and it’s so competitive that manufacturers are striving to make their respective products the latest and greatest and are forced to introduce new models sooner. That’s great stuff for consumers who want the newest car on the block, but is having the latest thing always the best? As I type this I’ve just spent the day touring in a VW…

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lc300 breaks cover

After all the leaked spy photos and years of delays, Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off its new LandCruiser 300 Series four-wheel drive wagon. As you can see, the leaked photos left nothing to the imagination and clearly showed what the all-new vehicle would look like. What they couldn’t show you though was the engine, which was speculated on just as much as photos were leaked. The official word is that the LC300 will be powered exclusively by a new F33A-FTV 3.3-litre V6 diesel engine using a pair of turbochargers to boost its outputs to 227kW and 700Nm. Those figures are up 27kW and 50Nm respectively on the 1VD-FTE V8 that powered the current 200 Series LandCruiser, but will the numbers alone be enough to convince the V8-loving Cruiser owners that…

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return of the warrior

NISSAN has pulled the wraps off its latest Navara Warrior which will now be known as the Navara PRO-4X Warrior by Premcar, recognising the Melbourne engineering house that has applied the tweaks to make what it claims is the world’s toughest Navara. Significantly, the new Warrior is based on the freshly muscled-up Navara PRO-4X variant with its bold, new look and high level of standard features. “We’re taking all the key improvements made by Nissan on the Navara PRO-4X, like its impressive NVH levels, steering quality, extensive safety equipment and core dual-cab functionality, and we’re overlaying those updates with our own in-house engineering expertise to create the toughest and most capable Navara in the world,” says Premcar engineering director, Bernie Quinn. “We’ve taken everything we learned on the first Warrior, and the feedback…

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travel bulletin

Events that were postponed or in doubt are coming back online, so it’s time to get out and about to enjoy this great land and support the communities. The situation is still fluid and things are changing all the time, so please check with event organisers before locking in your plans. GO OUTBACK IN VICTORIA (VIC) There’s no better time than now to head for Victoria’s Outback, southwest of Mildura. You can camp along the mighty Murray River or head for somewhere even more remote in the heart of the Murray Sunset NP. Rocket Lake in the northeast of the park is easily accessible to a 4WD, while a drive south on the many tracks from Lindsay Island to the township of Murrayville is a great way to spend a few days. GUNBARREL…

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snakes, sharks and crocs? there’s a bigger threat in australia

YOU may think snakes and sharks or even crocodiles are the big killers in the animal world in Australia, but you’d be wrong! In a recently released report (http://bitly.ws/dwEI) from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) it was stated that 3500 Aussies were hospitalised in 2017-18 due to interaction with venomous plants and animals. Bees accounted for 26 per cent of those hospitalisations, while 12 of the 19 deaths caused by bites and stings were also blamed on bees. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me, even though you rarely hear about bee-sting deaths in the media. We had an encounter with a bee sting a few years back that was anything but pleasant. It was in remote Russia on our overland jaunt across that vast country when Viv…

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diesel king hit

TOYOTA may just have saved best until last. The first official details on the new 300 Series LandCruiser have been announced and it’s coming with a brand-new high-tech 3.3-litreV6 diesel that, on paper at least, makes any previous diesel engine Toyota has produced look decidedly underwhelming. And that even applies to the recently updated 2.8-litre four in the Hilux and Prado. This new engine will also be backed by a 10-speed automatic, again a very significant leap forward. To invest this heavily into new diesel technology when seemingly the vultures are already circling over the carcass of the internal-combustion engine, is a stunning move by Toyota and challenges any suggestion that the diesel engine (or the petrol engine for that matter) won’t have a future beyond this decade. And no doubt…