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4x4 Magazine Australia October 2021

4x4 Australia takes you to Australia’s most exciting and remote destinations , and we show you how to get there! We test the latest and greatest new and modified vehicles, as well as new camping and outdoor adventure equipment. We introduce you to loads of interesting people, show you heaps of awesome holiday trips and destinations, and we put you in the driver’s seat to tackle the country’s toughest off-road challenges. It’s a whole lot of dirty fun every month!

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short stature

LOOKING back at what’s gone in to this magazine, I notice that we’ve been in some of the more popular short wheelbase 4x4s currently on the market. Our resident Suzuki owner Evan spent some time in a new Jimny as well as the Defender 90, while I had some unexpected time with a SWB Wrangler Rubicon. As someone who doesn’t have to accommodate a family, I love a 2-door shortie and my own car is a mid-wheelbase LandCruiser. I don’t need a back seat and any of the above cars with the rear seat removed and the right hardware in place to make the most of the available cargo space, suits me fine as a weekend wagon, or even on longer trips. You’ve got to remember that going back in time, all…

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ryobi 4x4 custom of the year

- 2 BIG WINNERS - 12 FINALISTS - VOTE TO WIN OUR annual 4x4 Custom Of The Year Award is ramping up big time this year, with Ryobi Power Tools jumping on board to supply massive prize packs for two winners. This means that both the owner of the car that is voted as the winner, and a random voter picked, will score a whopping $5000 worth of Ryobi tools. Each winner will also score $2000 worth of Maxxis 4x4 tyres, while all 12 of the finalists’ vehicles will score a $500 prize pack from Exedy Clutches. The competition opens on October 21, 2021, when the website goes live revealing the 12 finalist vehicles and these will also be displayed in the November issue of 4X4 Australia Magazine which goes on sale that week. You will be…

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chevrolet silverado ltz premium and ram 2500 to go head-to-head

FOR fans of full-size American-style pickup trucks, we have some good news for you. Both the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 2500 have returned to the Australian market, with the Ram 2500 already with us. The Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty LTZ Premium is set to begin Australian right-hand drive production as soon as November. This is the heavy-duty Silverado, powered by a6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel V8 and 10-Speed Allison transmission producing 331kW and 1233Nm. Ride and handling have been taken in to special consideration, with the big rig Chevrolet sporting a Z71 off-road package made up of Rancho twin tube shocks, Hill Descent Control and skid plates underneath. Driver comfort is said to have been a large part of the design process in the Silverado, with heated leather steering wheel, 15-inch diagonal head-up display…

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big things happening at club 4x4

CLUB 4X4 has announced major improvements to its Roadside Assistance program, thanks to a new partnership with Digicall Assist, one of Australia’s most innovative Roadside Assistance providers. The new Roadside Assistance offering, which it calls Roadside Plus, will triple the potential tow distance that can be covered free of charge to the nearest appropriate repairer, with the maximum being increased to 150km. There is also a weight increase allowing towing of vehicles up to 4.5-tonne GVM and additionally, a trailer of less than 4-tonne can be included in the tow as long as the trailer details are provided at the time of the Roadside Assistance request. Kalen Ziflian, general manager at Club 4X4 spoke very positively of the improvements. “Our customers told us that they needed a Roadside product that covered improved weight…

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travel bulletin all the latest 4x4 news and events

LISTENING TO THE STARS (WA) If you are ever wandering the lesser used trails and roads in the outback of Western Australia, you may come across the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, known as the ‘MRO’. The CSIRO purchased Boolardy Station in 2009 and is now home to the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder radio telescope which comprises 36 identical antennas, each 12m in diameter, working together as a single instrument. It is one of the best locations and facilities in the world to operate telescopes that listen for radio signals from outer space. The Australian and WA Governments have established a ‘radio quiet’ zone to protect this unique site from the noise of modern life. Due to the radio-quiet requirements, it’s not possible to visit the site in person, however a virtual tour…

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MASTERCLASS “That’s the wrong line!” the tall, bush-clothes wearing bloke who had sidled up to me said as I watched my son, Trent, walk the treacherous pool at the infamous Nolan’s Brook on the famed OTL Track in northern Cape York. “No vehicle has got through taking that-left-hand line,” he continued, adding that he was an expert having crossed the creek many times and had been watching the action for the whole day as travellers of varying driving standards and experiences took on the dare of crossing, what is for most, the last challenge heading north on the OTL. Needing something to counter the tirade I casually replied, “Oooh, we’re pretty experienced,” to which Frankie, my new-found friend and expert, countered with, “Yeah, everybody says that, but I can tell you everybody who…