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October 2019

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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the future of real estate is now in denver

“Compass has managed to attract and retain the top 10% of real estate agents in the country, and I’m proud to be surrounded by such talent.” Lori Abbey“Since joining Compass and utilizing the technology of coming soon marketing and concierge, our team has seen continued growth and a streamlined process, which has directly and exponentially impacted our clients.” Kristen Abell“With the ability to update our sellers’ homes before the sale with Compass Concierge, we offer more than the competition and net our sellers more money.” The Nelson Team Zac Nelson & Kathy Nelson“Compass’ mission is “to help everyone find their place in the world,” from clients to agents to staff. I love affiliating with a brokerage that values my experience as much as that of my clients.” Sarah Bangert…

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to get the best result, complex cases require experienced lawyers.

IT ONLY TOOK 1.7 SECONDS. The Ford Taurus was northbound at 65 mph. It lost control, crossed the median, ejected its driver, became airborne, then crashed into the windshield of a southbound HVAC service van. The impact instantly killed the van driver and injured his co-worker in the passenger seat. First responders smelled alcohol on the breath of the Taurus driver. Her blood test result was positive for alcohol. Felony charges were filed against her alleging careless driving causing death—aggravated by DUI. The wrongful death case on behalf of the family of the van driver would appear simple and straightforward. Make a claim. Settle it quickly. Case closed. However, to get the best outcome for our clients, the van driver’s widow and their 2-month old baby, would be complicated and time-consuming. The case…

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5280 magazine

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Geoff Van Dyke DEPUTY EDITOR Lindsey B. King ART DIRECTOR David McKenna EDITORIAL FEATURES EDITOR Kasey Cordell MANAGING EDITOR Jessica LaRusso SENIOR STAFF WRITER Robert Sanchez ARTICLES EDITOR Natasha Gardner FOOD EDITOR Denise Mickelsen SENIOR EDITOR Spencer Campbell ASSISTANT EDITORS Shane Monaghan, Angela Ufheil ASSISTANT FOOD EDITOR Patricia Kaowthumrong RESEARCH EDITOR Kim Habicht FASHION EDITOR Georgia Alexia Benjou CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Julie Dugdale, Daliah Singer CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kelly Bastone, Scott Mowbray EDITORIAL INTERNS Chloe Barrett, Kaiti Kinshella, Marissa Kozma, Lily O’Neill, Keegan Pope, Meredith Sell, Chaney Skilling, Marissa Vonesh DIGITAL DIGITAL EDITOR Erin Skarda DIGITAL ASSISTANT EDITOR Jay Bouchard ENGAGEMENT EDITOR Victoria Carodine DIGITAL CONTRIBUTORS Katie Coakley, Terri Cook, Christine DeOrio, Amanda M. Faison, Shauna Farnell, Georgia Perry, Morgan Tilton, Lisa Wirthman ART& PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO EDITOR Charli Ornett ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTORS Amanda Croy, Sean Parsons ASSOCIATE PHOTO EDITOR Sarah Boyum CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Michael Byers, Matthew DeFeo, Michael Hirshon, Paul Miller, Dave Murray, Matt Nager, Jimena…

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[ FROM THE EDITORIAL DIRECTOR ] Growing Green As we head toward another volatile election year and talk of a global economic slowdown becomes more prevalent, there’s a burgeoning industry in Colorado that—at least for now—appears to be immune not only to shortsighted partisanship, but also to the whims of the markets. If the first so-called green rush happened after the legalization of medical marijuana and the second came after the legalization of recreational weed, one could dub the recent explosion of the hemp business in the Centennial State green rush number three. Hemp, the nonintoxicating cannabis sibling of marijuana, may have been legalized in a 2018 federal farm bill, but the DEA still considers cannabis compounds, such as THC and CBD, Schedule I substances. That legal gray area hasn’t stopped legions…

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behind the stories

BENJAMIN RASMUSSEN Photographer Denver lensman Benjamin Rasmussen lives just five minutes from the Grizzly Rose, a 30-year-old gathering place for the city’s two-stepping community. But he’d never passed through its cherry red doors until 5280 asked him to photograph the venue for “The Last Honky-Tonk” (page 94). “I was surprised,” Rasmussen says. “The crowd isn’t a bunch of hipsters who think it’s quaint or ironic. Some of the patrons have been going for decades.” To capture a feeling of intimacy, Rasmussen shot simple portraits of longtime Grizzly Rosers alongside high-energy photos of dancing couples and mechanical bull riders. “It’s about making quiet images in frenetic settings,” he says. Rasmussen’s work has also appeared in Vanity Fair and Time. DENISE MICKELSEN Food Editor When food editor Denise Mickelsen began planning this year’s “25 Best Restaurants” (page…

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crunching the nuggets

Two years ago, the Denver Nuggets’ training staff was struggling with an influx of data. An explosion of technology—all those wearables and apps—had produced a bevy of numbers about players’ performances. However, sprint-speed information gathered by one app was uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet, while the wearable that tracked heart rate only sent figures to a specific website. Having to toggle between various databases made it challenging to get everyone on the same page to make informed decisions about athletes’ health. 100-64 The Nuggets’ regular-season record after the team began using Smartabase full time That changed in 2018 when the Nuggets began using Smartabase full time. A software program created by Australian analytics company Fusion Sport—which has its North American headquarters in Boulder—Smartabase takes statistics about players’ fitness and well-being from a…