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5280 Magazine January 2021

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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urgent care

If long hours at work have left you feeling unfocused, irritable, or depressed, you’re familiar with burnout. For health care workers, that exhaustion takes a brutal form: compassion fatigue, wherein providers become so drained they struggle to empathize with their wards. Nurses, who work closely with patients, are especially susceptible, says Denver nurse Tara Rynders: “Everyone was feeling this way, but getting people to acknowledge it was like pulling teeth.” That’s why, in 2017, Rynders started the Clinic, a Denver theater and dance company whose productions raise awareness about compassion fatigue. Rynders and consultant Clare Hammoor also develop and co-direct resiliency workshops, during which nurses use art- and play-based techniques to address suppressed sadness or trauma. Because of COVID-19, Rynders is seeing wider recognition of the problem: More hospital administrators…

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in the land of women

La Veta isn’t really on the way to anywhere. Tucked against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it has just one main road that serves a population of less than 900. At first glance, it seems like any small town—except it’s not. Of the 29 businesses in La Veta, nearly 70 percent are owned by women. (The national average is 39 percent.) One of the few statues in the state honoring a specific woman—Doris Tracy, a former resident who served as a pilot during World War II—sits in the city center. La Veta High School’s class of 2020 was all girls, so the homecoming court boasted two queens. Some have suggested that La Veta’s feminine mystique is a product of the area’s geography. (The Ute people call the Spanish Peaks, which tower…

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pictures perfect

1. UP FRONT Choose a wall in a room visitors might actually wander into—you want people to compliment your handiwork, right? In this Broomfield client’s guest bedroom, Vanek filled the space above the headboard, so it’s the first thing overnighters see when they enter. 2. ON THEME When selecting your artwork, photos, and curios, Vanek recommends working around a theme, such as family photos or, in this case, nature motifs. “Stay true to yourself and your style,” Vanek says. “Don’t just replicate what you see on Pinterest.” 3. FANCY FRAMEWORK Let the artwork in your gallery wall inform how you frame it. If you’re displaying black and white photography, you might opt for uniform frames to let the images pop. However, for an eclectic collection like this one, feel free to play with colors and…

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growth potential

In 2019, Longmont felt like a modern-day boomtown. Main Street brimmed with hip boutiques and eateries. J.M. Smucker Co., the jam company, opened a factory in July, bringing 200-plus well-paying jobs to the town, with an estimated 270 more anticipated in a future expansion. In November, the unemployment rate stood at 2.1 percent, lower even than Denver’s 2.3 percent. But it wasn’t all sunshine and Uncrustables. Data from the Longmont Economic Development Partnership (LEDP) showed that in 2016 the town’s Hispanic and Latino residents, roughly a quarter of the population, were not sharing in the prosperity: 26.6 percent lived in poverty, well above the national level (10.5 percent) and that of Longmont’s white denizens (12.2 percent). “Unless we have all of the resources to support everyone within our community,” says LEDP…

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getting hooked

What’s the easiest way to learn how to ice fish? Before blowing potentially thousands of dollars on gear you may never use again, find out if you like the activity during a guided expedition. Ice Fish Winter Park takes people on four-hour trips to Williams Fork Reservoir, starting at $285 per person (poles and other equipment included). It will handle the hard stuff, like setting up a warming hut, drilling holes with an auger, and deciding what bait to use. You’ll get to focus on the fun part: hooking lake trout. Is there some sort of ice fishing community I can get involved with? Englewood-based nonprofit U.S. Ice Fishing Association keeps a list of events held throughout Colorado at usifa.org. This month, there are two tournaments for beginners—one at Boyd Lake in Loveland…

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movable feast

Colorado mountain towns have become Denverites’ premier vacation destinations for winter 2021. But what to eat in your condo/cabin/hut away from home? Leave that to Whistling Boar, whose Weekender Box feeds two (at least); it will feel as if chef-owner David Pitula is in your rental kitchen with you. He and his wife and work partner, Debbie Seaford-Pitula, procure, prep, and pack into eco-friendly containers everything you’ll need to dine exquisitely. Snacks (think: hand-cut potato chips with ranch for dipping and meatand-cheese assortments) come ready to eat, while locally sourced meals (two brunches, a salad, and two main courses with two sides each) require basic cooking or reheating via Pitula’s written instructions. Whipping up, say, a French toast feast is a simple matter of soaking challah in the provided custard;…