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5280 Magazine May 2021

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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back on track

All the best trains arrive on time. Still, when the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway closed for renovations in spring 2018 and the owners set a hard deadline for reopening, punctuality seemed implausible. The goal? May 2021, a month before the icon—the train has carried visitors up the 14,115-foot mountain since 1891—celebrates its 130th birthday. Workers would have just three years to demolish and rebuild nine miles of track that gain 7,795 feet in elevation as they wind from the Manitou Springs depot to the summit. And because the slope couldn’t always support machinery, they’d have to do much of the labor by hand. “It was backbreaking work, then and now,” says general manager Spencer Wren. Today’s crew had an advantage: The railway is in billionaire Philip Anschutz’s…

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WHO SAID IT DENVER ARTS & VENUES (DAV) WHAT IT SAID The organization, which manages city- and county-owned arts facilities and cultural initiatives, such as the Denver Public Art program, vowed it was “committed to living values of equity, inclusion, access, and justice, and we believe arts and culture can be at the center of social change.” WHAT IT DID In June, DAV and the city co-commissioned the Black Lives Matter mural on Broadway. That September, it also increased the proportion of seats on its grant-making and public-art selection panels from at least 50 percent to a majority representing historically marginalized communities, including individuals of color, people with disabilities, and those who identify as LGBTQ. WHY IT MATTERS The mural had an outsize impact on participating artists. “It changed the way I speak,” says Adri Norris, who…

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honor guard

On November 23, 1984, 30 North Korean soldiers charged into the demilitarized zone in pursuit of a Russian defector. As bullets sliced through the air, Army private Mark DeVille and his squad leaders, there to secure the border, faced open fire to save the defector and surround the enemy. For his bravery, DeVille received the Silver Star Medal—an honor he didn’t know about until visiting the Hall of Valor website in 2013. “I thought it was a mistake,” DeVille says. “So I called Doug.” A 71-year-old Vietnam War veteran living in Pueblo, Doug Sterner created the database—originally housed on a website called Home of Heroes, it was renamed Hall of Valor when the Military Times began hosting it in 2008—to document every U.S. service member since the Civil War to earn…

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on the hunt

In 2018, when a friend first told Jen Magnuson about Basecamp, a Facebook group for outdoorsy folks looking for outdoorsy jobs, she didn’t put too much stock in it. The Mancos local was heading into her second year as an adventure photographer and figured joining might lead to a few freelance gigs—but it led to a lot more than that. From how to time her pitches to companies’ marketing calendars to the importance of understanding each potential client’s specific brand of outdoorsiness, Basecamp helped pull back the curtain on a notoriously opaque industry. “The industry can come off as a club that you have to know someone to get in,” says Ali Carr, a Tahoe, California–based content consultant and outdoor journalist who used her Rolodex from her time as an Outside…

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inside jobs

1 BRAG “A lot of people don’t want to look conceited,” Celmer says, “but that’s the wrong risk to be worried about. Celebrate your achievements, because if you don’t, who will?” 2 BE SPECIFIC “A lot of people say, ‘I can do anything and will move anywhere,’ but that’s the least helpful thing you can do,” Carr says. “There’s a perfect candidate for every opening, so finding a job where that’s you will save you a lot of time versus applying to things you’re open to on a generic level.” 3 KEEP A WINNING RECORD Concrete examples of your skills are essential for a good cover letter, but they’re easy to forget. “Keeping an ongoing list of your achievements means you won’t have to remember later,” Celmer says. Then simply tailor your cover letter with…

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about face

MORNING RAISE THE DEFENSES Skin is a multilayered organ, says Centennial dermatologist Dr. Maura Caufield. The outermost part, the epidermis, acts somewhat like a bouncer, warding off outsiders. Next comes the dermis, where collagen and lipids—which keep your skin firm yet elastic—party. Pollutants introduce free radicals, unstable molecules that compromise cellular function (incapacitating the bouncer and storming Club Dermis). Prevent the invasion by applying vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and ultraviolet rays. LIGHT FIGHTER Ultraviolet rays burn your skin and weaken its defenses. Dr. Mona Sadeghpour, a dermatologist in Lone Tree, recommends using a broad-spectrum, SPF 30-plus sunscreen with physical sun blockers like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide—even if you have dark skin. “Skin with more melanin doesn’t always burn as quickly, but you risk dark patches called hyperpigmentation, as well…