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October 21, 2019

Get ABC Soaps In Depth digital magazine subscription today. Included in every biweekly issue are: In depth previews of the ABC shows’ hottest plots; up-to-the-minute rundown of the Ins & Outs that will shake up your shows; exclusive interviews and gorgeous photos you won’t see anywhere else!

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what’s next for jason & sam!

The In Depth Story: When Shiloh was put on trial, it appeared as if Sam and Jason might finally be free of the troublemaker’s influence… but no. So surely, the fact that he is now dead means that the couple, along with the former cult leader’s other victims, can breathe a bit easier… right? Not necessarily. Because those who say that evil never truly dies must have known a thing or two about David Henry Archer. This week, he continues to reach out from beyond the grave to torment Sam. While she’s out on bail following her arraignment, Spinelli and Jason work to clear her name. Yet any victory they have may be short-lived, however, because the case takes a twist that will put Sam in more jeopardy than ever!…

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kevin & laura find a major clue!

The In Depth Story: Once again, a mystery involving Helena has Laura and Kevin putting their heads together. Viewers will recall that it was while helping Laura solve the mystery surrounding her inheritance from Helena that Kevin first fell for the woman who is now mayor. Now, there’s a new game afoot, this one involving a codicil to the will of Helena’s husband, Mikkos. This week, Laura and Kevin try to figure out what to make of the clue that he uncovered during their visit to Wyndemere. But connecting the dots will lead them in a direction that they hadn’t before thought to look in. At the same time, the couple may wind up in a race against time when it appears that a key piece of evidence may soon become…

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should lulu have given up on dante?

The In Depth Story: When Lulu first received Dante’s divorce papers, it was almost too much to bear. “It was devastating,” agrees portrayer Emme Rylan. “She was a hot mess. It wasn’t glamorous grieving! She was losing the love of her life.” The fact that Dante has abandoned Lulu and their family for what he perceives as their own good only complicates matters. After being tortured in captivity while he was undercover, Dante was having trancelike visions of shooting his beloved wife upon returning home. “We all know he’s not in his right mind,” Rylan sighs. Indeed, Dante is facing some very real challenges as he heals from post-traumatic stress disorder, shares Dr. Cyril Barnert of the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center. “PTSD is primarily terribly painful memories that are…

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why hope & liam had to tap out!

The In Depth Story: When asked whether they were looking for a bit of a break after nine months of emotionally grueling storyline, Noelle responded simply with an emphatic “Yeah!” Elaborating on his costar’s answer, Clifton shares, “First and foremost, the audience needs a breather. And then we need one, secondly.” Both actors were glad to step off of the frontburner in order to allow other characters to rotate to the spotlight. “The fallout from this storyline involves more than just Liam and Hope,” Clifton says. “The ripple effects are still widening, and there are other people that now need to have some focus on them. We have such a talented cast, so it’s nice to have the story focus on a lot of these other rich and interesting characters who have…

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is julie’s time up?

The In Depth Story: Stefan’s bride sinks into the depths of despair upon learning the truth about his prognosis. Faced with becoming a widow, Gabi demands that Rolf work his particular brand of magic. But does he still have the means (let alone the motive) to do it? Meanwhile, Doug’s refusal to return Julie to the hospital results in her slipping into a coma! As he deals with his guilt, it becomes clear that if a directed organ donation isn’t made soon, his wife might be getting her angel wings. Look for the family to rally on Julie’s behalf by making a touchy request of Gabi: Will she donate Stefan’s heart? Julie hasn’t exactly been gracious to Gabi in the past. However, Gabi does have some guilt about walking away when she…

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