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Adweek December 7, 2020

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The all-new Adweek features news and information for marketing, media and advertising professionals that you can’t find anywhere else. Each issue includes profiles and interviews with top newsmakers, critiques of hot ad campaigns, the latest trends in print, digital and advertising and much more.

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full stream ahead

It’s been the year of streaming services, and Discovery Inc. became the latest to take the wraps off its global offering, Discovery+, on Dec. 2. The announcement capped a year in which many of the biggest cable networks have made bold moves to become digital-first platforms as cord cutting continues in everincreasing numbers. In March, FX teamed with Disney corporate sibling Hulu to create the branded hub FX on Hulu, while in June AMC Networks launched AMC Plus, which is now AMC+, with expanded ad-free programming including several niche streaming services. Then, in July, ViacomCBS bulked up its CBS All Access streaming service, adding content from BET, Comedy Central and MTV, with more to come in early 2021. Elsewhere, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia both rolled out their respective new streamers (Peacock in April…

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brand marketing

REV YOUR PLAYLIST Despite commutes becoming nonexistent for many workers due to the pandemic, podcasts and music streaming continued to grow. Their success has drawn new advertisers to the medium including some surprises, such as carmakers. Hyundai, Ford and Cadillac all created audio-centric campaigns in 2020, from custom ad inserts to documentary podcasts and curated playlists. “The visual appeal of audio is stronger in many ways than a visual medium because it’s not as limited,” noted Christie Nordhielm, a marketing professor at Georgetown University.…

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the ad-tech jargon you need to know

2020 draws to a close, even the most casual observer will know the industry’s common currency for targeted advertising—third-party cookies—is on the way out. The next 12 months will see the industry prepare for Google Chrome withdrawing its support of third-party cookies, bringing it in line with the industry’s other leading web browsers. Marketers will still be able to target audiences using first-party data, for instance, by serving ads in walled gardens such as Facebook or logged-in users on a publisher’s website. However, most acknowledge that the vast majority of internet users are unlikely to log onto websites outside the walled gardens. Many in the business call this the “unaddressable web.” It all makes 2021 crunch time for the advertising industry to learn new ways of reaching key audiences. Several efforts are already underway…

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talent networks took off in 2020

While 2020 was a tough year for agencies, it was a boon for the talent network model. Fueled by the rise of project-based assignments and in-house teams, flexible staffing is a hot trend and a compelling alternative for clients and creatives. In talent networks, clients can hire custom teams without the inherent limitations and expense of agency partners, while creatives benefit from greater flexibility and freedom outside typical agency restrictions. This year, tighter client budgets and staffing reductions sent a wave of experienced talent into the market. “When all of the layoffs and furloughs began, we saw a surge in community membership,” said Stephanie Nadi Olson, founder of talent network We Are Rosie. This year, the network grew its community to around 65,000 members. The company also doubled its revenue in 2020, adding…

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destinations look to locals

For New Yorkers who wouldn’t dream of going into a crowded Times Square a year ago, the city argues now is a great time for local exploration. As of November, nearly 78% of global travelers still remain concerned about Covid-19 and 60% did not plan to travel domestically, according to travel research firm GlobalData. And the cities are feeling the pain. California could lose $54 billion in tourism alone due to Covid-19, and New York City isn’t expected to recoup its nearly $47 billion in traveler spend until 2025. Without international tourists and business travelers, tourism marketers are speaking to residents about the wonders of their cities. “Destination marketing organizations [DMOs] have had to be more reactive and creative in marketing strategies, and for many, this has urged them to invest more into…

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covid continues to decimate travel in q4

In a filing to investors a week before Thanksgiving, United Airlines said it saw an uptick in cancellations and a slowdown of its modest bookings. As a result, the airline expects to be down 67% for the last quarter of 2020. Among major travel brands, only Marriott has been able to turn a profit since the pandemic’s outbreak in March. The hotel industry has opened rooms for anyone sick of working from home. Cruise lines, however, aren’t legally allowed to sail with customers until each brand completes a “test voyage” with nonpaying guests.…