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Adweek May 3, 2021

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live sports head to hbo max

Turner Sports and the NHL struck a deal for the league’s second TV rights package, bringing live sports to parent company WarnerMedia’s streaming service for the first time. The company is expected to pay close to $225 million per year for its seven-year NHL package, which includes three Stanley Cup finals on TNT, 72 exclusive national regular season games each season and livestreaming and simulcast rights for HBO Max. The other four Stanley Cup games will air on the Disney networks as part of a TV, streaming and media rights deal. Both deals start with the 2021-22 season and run through 2027-11 28. Disney overtook NBCUniversal as the NHL’s top television partner.…

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the new york times’ pivotal drives ‘many millions’

Publishers have always flexed muscles when it came to sharing audience data with advertisers as a way to win new business. In pandemic times, knowledge of how readers respond to global, fast-moving topics is a differentiator. The New York Times is bringing in “many millions’’ this year from the work that its 6-month-old Pivotal research arm generates. Moreover, it’s finding there’s a greater willingness for brands to associate with topics they might previously have shied away from, such as race, gender and climate. COVER: TRAVIS SCOTT/R AYSCORRUPTEDMIND //SORRELL: PETER SUMMERS/STRINGER…

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alvin stafford

Even in today’s ever-shifting corporate nomenclature, it’s rare to come across a title like chief true officer. This unique moniker belongs to Alvin Stafford, who is also a partner at Black-owned and minority-led marketing consultancy Think TRUE. Stafford had been in the business of multicultural, purpose- and authenticity-led marketing for 15 years before Think TRUE came to be. He was running his boutique agency, The Blueprint Collective, with a specialization in basketball, community and entertainment marketing. While playing basketball for a league in Venice Beach, Calif., Stafford met with Deb Murray (now Deb Lemon), who worked at Nike and connected him with a position managing a Nike event space. That experience taught Stafford how to market and produce events, after which Stafford started The Blueprint Collective with the capital he made. Meanwhile, Murray…

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how travis scott took over adweek’s cover

When we asked Travis Scott to appear on Adweek’s May 3 cover, the multihyphenate star didn’t just say yes. He said he wanted to take over the cover. And so for the first time in my six years at the magazine, we handed the keys over to Scott and his creative team at Cactus Jack, which is doing incredible work that straddles the branding and entertainment worlds. Our only rules: 1. Scott’s face should be visible. 2. He should do literally anything else he wanted. Then everything went silent. Three weeks later, he delivered the cover you see today. Yes, he broke one rule, but no one is complaining. While you might not make out Scott’s face on the cover, his thumbprint is all over it—it’s awash in the vibrant imagery (thank…

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experiential’s 2021 reset

“Enthusiastic caution” may be the most celebratory description for the current state of experiential marketing. Tugging at the imaginations of agencies and marketers is the idea that a backup plan and disaster preparedness must be baked into every program moving forward. The crisis mode that gripped performance marketing agencies and brands since March 2020 may actually lead to a stronger year than initially predicted. As vaccinations rise, consumers’ pent-up demand for something physically social increases exponentially. Experiential marketing planners and brands are incorporating digital lessons learned from when live gatherings went virtual. The use of virtual reality and other tools will provide an enhancement that marketers can use to connect with attendees at everything from major sporting events like the U.S. Open Tennis Championships to live showcases by spirits giants like Bacardi…

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full stream ahead

During NewFronts this year, everything’s coming up streaming. It’s not just because the name of the annual digital content event for marketers, hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is subtitled Living the Stream. It’s also not just that nine streamers are presenting alongside other digital and broadcast media companies showing off their streaming chops. And it isn’t just because it’ll be the second year in a row that the event, hosted by Maria Menounos, will be livestreamed. On top of all this, streamers are heading into NewFronts with more confidence than ever. Thanks to the pandemic’s well-documented effects on consumer behavior, streamers are diving into the week with an arsenal of proof points and an expectation that budgets will finally start to shift from linear to streaming. Brands and agencies are…