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between the past and the future

2020 is the last year of the second decade of the third millennium. It certainly is the termination of a cycle that will be remembered by historians of the future. For the aviation it has an unquestionable historic value. It marks a period of search for higher operating efficiency. Remotorized models developed by the leading world’s aeronautical manufacturers reflect this trend. It is the case of the triple seven, an icon in the international air transport. We highlight the first flight of the new version and we show the changes of the Boeing folding wings as well as the prospects of the certification of the 777-9 and the 777-8. One more of these aircrafts, also from Boeing, is the 737 MAX, which has an even more symbolic signification. It is a project…

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tragic mistakes

The accident with Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 has generated world shock, especially after Iran's government has assumed that its anti aircraft defense system has downed the Boeing 737-800 that took off from Tehran, killing all 173 people on board, due to a human error. Once again, a tragedy has reminded the authorities the need to implement stricter protocols to ensure safety of civil aircrafts flying over areas in dispute or under conflict. This was not the first case of a civil aircraft being destroyed by mistake or from deliberate action by military forces. In the last five decades alone, at least eight cases of allegedly non-intentional shooting down of large-sized commercial aircrafts have occurred. Remember some of the previous cases. JULY 17, 2014 >>> Victims: 298 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was on…

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between rotors and rotary wings

There were over 700 exhibitors distributed in the convention center of Anaheim in the United States that has received at least 15,000 visitors from tens of countries. The 71st edition of the Heli-Expo, promoted by the largest association dedicated to rotary wings, the Helicopter Association International (HAI), has taken place on last January 28-30 and has shown the main novelties of the helicopter market. In addition to meeting together the world trade in a unique place and offering free safety courses during the three days of the event. The merger between two big operators – ERA and Bristow – was one of the commented subjects in the fair corridors, as well as the tragic accident that has killed the American basketball star Kobe Bryant. In view of the retraction of orders…

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your dream team

In 1992, during Barcelona Olympic Games, devastated from the defeat to the Soviet Union four years before, the United States have assembled the world’s best talent collection, and have won a male basketball gold medal after a splendid exhibition. By getting an average advantage of 44 points per game, the American team has come to be known as the “dream team”, with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. The event teaches us that, if we are willing to win without risks, we have to assemble the talents in our team. The same is valid for private aircraft transactions, which means, when it comes to purchase or sell an aircraft or a helicopter. Therefore, make sure you have the best possible brilliant team by your side. Otherwise, you…

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purchase guide 2020

GENERAL INFORMATION List prices: FOB prices of aircrafts are based in the basic value publicized by manufacturers and in market references. Seats (pilot/passengers): The typical number specified in the columns is not the officially certified number by the aircraft. These numbers vary in accordance with the type of aircraft operation. Weights: The maximum takeoff weight is specified during aircraft certifications. Fuel capacity is measured in gallons based on a factor of 6.7 pounds per gallon. Payload with full fuel is the useful fuel minus the used one. Manufacturing (beginning/end): The year of the aircraft’s first delivery until the year of the last delivery. Technical support: Cássio Polli - Aérie Aviação Executiva PERFORMANCE Range of jets and turboprops: The maximum IFR range with all seats occupied. Helicopter range: Maximum VFR range, with all seats occupied (all the helicopters). Specific range:…

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the 737’s future

Boeing's decision to stop production of the 737 MAX has occurred because it would be inviable for the firm to maintain active the assembly line of the new jet without a definite term to begin again commercial flights of the model. Even so, it is an unprecedented fact in the history of aeronautical industry. A sales record holder, very much appreciated by airlines, pilots and many passengers, loses the aura of impeccable aircraft to become an endless nightmare. But what does it means? Would be the end of the legendary 737, the most popular aircraft of all times? SUBSTITUTE The pause in the production of the 737MAX, that accumulates over 4,500 orders, with at least 400 new aircrafts ready to be delivered to clients, has created a series of doubts regarding the…