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No. 77

All About History is the stunningly realised new magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space. Featuring beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics depicting everything from ancient civilisations to the Cold War, All About History is accessible and entertaining to all and makes history fun for the whole family.

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Napoleon is a complex and sometimes seemingly contradictory character, which is probably a large reason why he remains so compelling a subject to investigate. He was a dictator, but one who introduced important civil reforms and laws. He was a ruthless military leader who sought dominion over Europe, but one who seemed to inspire great loyalty even among foreign forces. He was self-aggrandising and seemingly obsessed with the creation of his own legend, but he could back it up with victories again and again.It’s from all of these elements that the calamitous invasion of Russia in 1812 seems to draw, with Napoleon’s vaulting ambition turning sour as his need for victory drew him closer and closer to defeat and ruin. It’s with this in mind that we reached out…

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editor’s picks

Inside The Arabian Nights It was a pleasure to speak with Paulo Horta about the origins of these famous tales and the history behind them. Nazi Rocket Bunkers Jon Trigg takes us inside the secret facilities that could have decimated the UK and turned WWII in favour of the Nazis. Medieval She-Wolves We welcome Sharon Bennett Connolly this issue to highlight the women who ruled with an iron fist. …

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defining moments

SEPARATE IS NOT EQUALIn May 1954 the landmark Supreme Court case of Brown v The Board of Education was unanimously decided 9-0 in favour of the principle that policies segregating schools are inherently unconstitutional in the United States. The legal challenge, lead by future Supreme Court judge Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP, helped to give new hope to the civil rights movement as it entered a decade of legal challenges and long-due social change. 1954 MANDELA ELECTED PRESIDENTAfter the first free election in South Africa, Nelson Mandela, released from prison only four years earlier, is elected president. Taking 62.65 per cent of the overall vote, Mandela’s ANC forms a coalition with the other two parties taking more than 20 seats to form a government of national unity. From…

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the renaissance

1341 PETRARCH BECOMES POET LAUREATE 1341 Poet and scholar Petrarch travels to Rome to be crowned poet laureate. His speech is considered to be the first manifesto of the Renaissance. BOCCACCIO’S GREAT WORK 1350 The Italian writer Boccaccio pens the Decameron, a collection of short stories believed to be the first literary expression of humanist realism. 1420 RENAISSANCE PAPACY 1420 After decades in Avignon, the papacy returns to Rome in 1420 under Pope Martin V. Rome would later become a great Renaissance city thanks to pontiffs’ building projects. COUNCIL OF FLORENCE 1438-45 The Latin and Greek Churches try to air their differences at the Council of Florence. While this did result in an agreement, East and West…

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the uffizi gallery

The Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci was only in his early twenties and still training as an apprentice in Verrochio’s studio when he painted his powerful Annunciation in 1472. As is typical of his work, the painting is full of symbolism relating both to the subject matter of Mary’s virginity and the city of Florence, where it was painted. Although Verrochio almost certainly assisted him, most of the painting is Leonardo’s own work. (Main image: © Adrian Mann) The Birth Of Venus One of the most famous and easily recognisable paintings in the Uffizi is Botticelli’s stunning mythological allegory The Birth Of Venus, which was painted in the mid 1480s for a member of the Medici family and uses an ancient Roman motif of the goddess Venus standing…