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American Art Collector December 2019

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Previewing upcoming art exhibitions from coast to coast, American Art Collector is a unique monthly magazine specially designed to bring living representational artists, galleries and active art collectors together in one place.

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going to the galleries

It’s fall. For us, that means visits to our favorite fall art destinations such as Santa Fe, Tucson, Scottsdale, Bozeman, Boston and of course New York City. We love the idea of having a hearty lunch then strolling the arts districts looking for new work from emerging and established artists. A few weeks ago, we did just that. We were on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the annual Historic Canyon Road Paint and Sculpt Out. It was such a wonderful time. We walked from gallery to gallery chatting with friends, making new ones, looking at art, speaking with gallery owners and artists—I don’t think there is a better way to spend the day. It really is amazing how enjoyable this experience is. Galleries are such wonderful spaces…

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art show calendar

3 MIAMI, FL ART MIAMI PAVILION Art Miami December is all about Miami Art Week. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year is Art Miami, the internationally recognized modern and contemporary art fair and market. www.artmiami.com Through December 8 DEC 2019 3 MIAMI BEACH, FL OCEAN DRIVE AND 8TH STREET SCOPE Miami Continuing the energy of Miami Art Week, SCOPE welcomes around 60,000 visitors over the course of the six-day event. scope-art.com Through December 8 MIAMI, FL CONTEXT ART MIAMI PAVILION CONTEXT Art Miami CONTEXT Art Miami, sister fair to Art Miami, creates an open atmosphere of dialogue between artists, galleries and collectors, providing a platform for emerging and cutting-edge artists, represented across 95 galleries. www.contextartmiami.com Through December 8 4 MIAMI BEACH, FL AQUA HOTEL Aqua Art Miami Visitors can take in classic South Beach vibes at Aqua Art Miami, a destination for collectors and to procure works…

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art news

Crafting Identity Portraiture and the art of the human form are explored in Crafting Identity: American Highlights from Tia Collection at The Rockwell Museum in Corning, New York, through January 5, 2020. On loan from the Tia Collection, a private collection in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and curated by The Rockwell Museum, the show features artwork by influential American artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Henri, Cara Romero, Roy Lichtenstein, Irving Penn and more. Monumental sculpture Artist Jim Rennert’s 12-foot-tall sculpture, Listen, portraying the “everyman” has taken up residence at 1350 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, the former home of the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana. Known for adding a touch of humor to his works, the sculpture stands with an index finger to its lips as if deep in…

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todd casey: the entomologist

After finding a cicada in his yard, still life artist Todd Casey knew exactly what he wanted to paint, and over the course of several years developed The Entomologist. “The concept was to build a character, perhaps a lover of bugs (an entomologist),” he says. “Many of the objects suggest a narrative—the letters, the bug case and also the pen—as if the character was working at this table, perhaps writing about the cicada.” The painting, which reminds the artist of his curiosities of childhood, is included in his forthcoming book, The Art of Still Life, which will be published in the spring by Monacelli Press. Courtesy Rehs Contemporary, New York, NY.…

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interview with monica garza

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sarah will scour the country for the best and brightest emerging artists on the scene and then interview them about their work. Sarah has a wonderful eye, and I'm sure you will enjoy what she is able to discover. Artists, if you want your work considered, hashtag all your social media posts #tobeannounced #americanartcollector To Paint Beyond My Death Young and passionately productive, artist Monica Garza seems to turn out new, incredible work while making it look and seem so effortless. Garza has been an artist for most of her life and that undoubtedly shows through in her work. When looking at her paintings, one can tell this is an artist who has not only found their ablest voice, but also has perfected it and is also capable of evolving…

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joseph daily: portrait of dr. geno j. merli

Unveiling spotlights, a recently completed portrait commission, figurative work or upcoming exhibition from some of the best and most active members of the Portrait Society of America. This month Krystle Stricklin, guest writer for the Portrait Society, interviewed Joseph Daily about his recently unveiled portrait of Dr. Geno J. Merli. Last May, artist Joseph Daily unveiled an exquisite new portrait of Dr. Geno J. Merli commissioned for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Daily portrays the noted doctor and professor standing in his office, surrounded by an array of personal objects that represent Merli’s commitment to family, faith and a profession in service to others. This is the eighth portrait Daily has completed for Jefferson; each one being a special experience for him with a subject he was thankful to get…