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American Art Collector June 2019

Previewing upcoming art exhibitions from coast to coast, American Art Collector is a unique monthly magazine specially designed to bring living representational artists, galleries and active art collectors together in one place.

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oh the places we will go!

This is always one of the most exciting times of the year here at American Art Collector magazine. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. While we sit in our offices in Old Town Scottsdale, and look onto the desert landscape of Camelback Mountain, our inbox gets filled with glorious images of all the summer art destinations that are just getting ready to spring into action. And for some reason, this year seems to be busier and more vibrant than ever! What are we seeing this summer? Art fairs in places like the Hamptons, Aspen, Santa Fe, San Diego, Park City, Cape Cod, Jackson Hole, Laguna Beach, Nantucket, Newport and others. Summer art towns in the Midwest, Southwest and up and down the Atlantic Coast. Basically, anywhere there are people…

7 min.
interview with michael laed

The Designer Creating “Extremely Personal Human-Wear” Twenty-four-year-old designer Michael Laed was officially on my radar (as well as many others) shortly after his most recent fashion show, Sausage Fest, in 2018. It featured many astoundingly unique wearable art pieces and the entire show itself was an art piece as well. It could even have been considered performance art. Everything from the harp player in the corner of the room to the switching of model and audience roles was fascinating, interactive and the vibe of the show was that of something innovative, unique and, most importantly, fun. The fact that the actual garments were incredible was only the cherry on top. My dear friend and model, Elaine Chang (@laineypls), insisted I come to this fashion show she was going to be in.…

3 min.
remembering lincoln: a portrait by anna rose bain

Unveiling spotlights a recently completed portrait commission, figurative work or upcoming exhibition from some of the best and most active members of the Portrait Society of America. This month Krystle Stricklin, guest writer for the Portrait Society, interviewed Anna Rose Bain about her recently completed portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Last year, artist Anna Rose Bain unveiled a stirring new portrait of Abraham Lincoln, The Second Inaugural Address, at the Goldenview Classical Academy, a charter public school in Golden, Colorado. The work was commissioned for the school by Hillsdale College, where Bain graduated in 2007 with a major in art. She was selected to create a painting that conveyed the classical ideals demonstrated by the school, and the academy’s principal, Dr. Garrow, came up with the concept of Lincoln drafting his second…

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small-scale gems

On June 1, American Impressionist Society will mount its third annual Impressions Small Works Showcase at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey, Michigan. The event will feature paintings by 180 juried artists and 12 additional works by AIS Masters, officers and board members. All of the pieces in the show will measure 200 square inches and under, and will be done in the loose painting style in a variety of subject matters. Artists juried into the show—including Stephanie Amato, Dan Beck, Bill Cramer, Stephanie Hartshorn, Jim McVicker, Derek Penix, Elizabeth Pollie, Carol Strock Wasson and Romona Youngquist—will present everything from landscapes to figures to still lifes. This allows for a diverse exhibition with something for every collector to enjoy. The opening reception will take place June 8, 5 to 8 p.m., at…

12 min.
the illusionists

Imaginative realist painters and sculptors use traditional realist techniques to create images of things that are not real. Their work is founded on practices that have been in use since humans first painted hunting scenes on cave walls and sculpted figurines of man-beasts. It is deeply rooted in imagination. A continuing preference for mythical imagery pervades American culture, with a seemingly never-ending flow of Marvel Comics superhero movies, the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, and HBO’s wildly popular Game of Thrones maintaining a dominant position in the filmed narratives that characterize the arts of our time. Video games occupy a significant portion of the public imagination, with a three-quarter-billion-dollar market share, many of them offering immersion in imagined but highly organized worlds. Although imaginative realism was treated harshly by…

8 min.
artistic visions

The path an artist takes is often a long and winding one, with many forks and bends that change their subject, style and technique along the way. At each juncture they have found moments of clarity where their art is a culmination of all they have learned and want to learn, and then there is a catalyst and they’re moving down the path again. These can be subtle changes or ones that shift their course entirely. This never-ending cycle allows artists to continue to grow and forge their individual visions within the art world. On view now at Haynes Galleries in Franklin, Tennessee, is a group exhibition that focuses on the contrasts within contemporary art—from the highly realistic to the more impressionistic takes, to the real and make-believe. The show, presented…