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American Survival Guide December 2018

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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success begins with confidence

As far back as I can remember, my parents, especially my mom, told me that self-confidence was a key to being successful and happy in life. I can still hear her voice telling me, “Michael, if you think you can do it, you will find a way to make it happen.” Over time, I found that, as long as I was realistic about having the skills and knowledge to achieve a goal, having confidence made a huge difference in my outcomes. Nevertheless, bear in mind that there’s a distinct difference between confidence and cockiness. Confidence is believing that you can leverage your skills, assets and attitude to complete a task or fulfill a dream. Cockiness is simply saying that you can do something—without the skills or knowledge to back it up. Confidence comes from…

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new products

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at some new products to place under the tree or in a stocking. Whether the survivalist on your list is in the market for a new knife, a backpack, camping gear or a defensive weapon and accessories, these new product ideas will have you covered. We have done our best to assemble a variety of high-quality, affordable items from trusted sources to help prepare you for the Christmas season—and beyond. 1 Exotac ripSPOOL Exotac has once again combined its ingenuity with its advanced manufacturing capability to bring an innovative, new product to the 2018 market. When a piece of gear breaks in the field, you can be left high and dry without a way to repair it. The ripSPOOL is…

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robotic rebellion

Technology has come a long way in a very short time. Voice-activated navigation, home lighting, door locks and cameras controlled by computers, and motor vehicles driving themselves down the busy streets—just a decade ago, this would seem impossible. Now, it’s a reality. But if these amazing changes in technology happened in such a short period of time, what are we, as humans on this planet, going to encounter in the very near future? The answer is both miraculous and extremely scary. Advances in the computer and robotic sciences have, indeed, put us in a position to obtain information and enjoy physical conveniences around the clock. Technology has leapt so far that some of our basic needs are not even consciously controlled by us but via artificial intelligence ... and that’s how our ultimate…

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The question as to how robots could physically take over, first on a small scale and then over a larger area as time progresses, is one that has concerned scientists and programmers for a number of years now. The idea of self-replicating machines is one such possibility. As the name implies, “self-replicating” simply means that robots would build other robots, either identical to themselves or as more-complex or “advanced models.” The concern is that a robot would act autonomously to gather raw materials and create multiple versions of itself. This concept, alone, would not be relevant during the present day because of the level of technology we are currently at. What should be a concern is if automated robots during the next decade or so are equipped with AI and the parts…

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the experts weigh in

If one believes that only conspiracy theorists, “colorful” thinkers or paranoid people follow the notion that artificial intelligence can, indeed, become a very real problem in the future, they should look into the minds of the experts. World-renowned physicist the late Stephen Hawking, along with SpaceX founder Elon Musk and well-known person in the world of computers, Bill Gates, all believe that the possibility of “out-of-control” AI should be a concern worth studying. Hawking said, “Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks." He added that within the coming decades, artificial intelligence could offer “incalculable benefits and risks,” such as "technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders and developing weapons we…

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the three-legged marksman

Field Optics Research makes cool stuff. Indeed, “We make cool stuff” is plastered all over its packaging. Field Optics Research prides itself on the practical application of advanced engineering and materials science to the art of shooting, trekking and photography. Lightweight, rugged and eminently practical, Field Optics Research gear makes good shooters great. WAR STORY I pulled in behind my custom hand-built, heavy-barreled bolt gun, ready to drop a tuned 6mm Creedmoor handload onto a 12-inch-square steel plate 800 meters distant. The gun cost more than my first car and represented the finest precision rifle humankind could produce. I had negated every imaginable variable. Tugging the gun in tight, I dropped into the zone and focused on my breathing. My spotter called the fall of my round. The impact was a bit left…