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19 min.
review: google pixel 4 xl

Price: £829 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2JOkrO4 The Google Pixel 4 XL can lay claim to the only real smartphone breakthrough of the year: a shrunken radar chip that’s so advanced it can detect when you reach for your phone so you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again. It’s a delightful feature that makes phones with ambient or always-on displays feel like they’re stuck in the past. Combined with Face unlock, the Pixel 4 XL’s Motion Sense technology makes me feel like the phone anticipates all my moves, and this truly saves time by limiting how often I need to tap the screen. Before you even unlock it, the Pixel 4 XL exudes futurity and sets you up for an experience unlike anything you’ll find on a Galaxy or iPhone. Unfortunately,…

16 min.
review: google pixel 4

Price: £669 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2oJQo2O The Pixel range – the closest thing to a ‘pure’ Android experience out there – has become known more than anything else for its phenomenal cameras. But in a year that’s seen ballooning megapixel counts, extreme telephoto zooms, and Pixel-rivalling night modes from almost every phone manufacturer out there, what can Google do to stay a step ahead? The answer apparently is to do the one thing Google said it never needed to do: throw in a second lens. That’s the first of several major hardware changes to the device, which also throws in radar-based motion controls, a whole new face unlock, a 90Hz display, and an upgraded on-device Google Assistant. All of which sounds great, and should be a recipe for a phenomenal flagship. But none…

8 min.
google pixel 4 versus every other pixel phone

The Pixel 4 is available now, and if you buy one, you’ll be sure to get the Pixel with the best processor, camera, and features. But just because it’s the latest doesn’t mean it’s the greatest – nor that you should run out and drop nearly a £850 on one. The 4 and 4 XL bring a whole bunch of new tricks to the Pixel’s bag, but are the new parts and paraphernalia worth an upgrade or a switch? Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL Price: £669 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2oJQo2O Price: £829 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2JOkrO4 What’s better than before Specs: As always, Google has upgraded nearly every component that matters in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. You’ll get a new processor in the Snapdragon 855, 50 percent more RAM (6GB versus…

5 min.
pixel 4 and 4 xl: 5 things you need to know

Google finally unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL at its Made By Google event in New York City last month, and frankly, there weren’t many surprises left after months of leaks and teases, many by Google itself. A lack of surprises doesn’t mean a lack of excitement, though, as the Pixel 4 packs enough punch to catapult it to the top tier of Android devices yet again – propelled by a new generation of impressive software tricks, as well as a camera setup that’s been both upgraded and downgraded simultaneously. Here are five things you need to know about the new Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. 1. Dual camera lenses, at last The Pixel 4 is taking a page from the iPhone 11’s design with a rotund backside hump that’s…

1 min.
best pixel 4 feature is coming to older phones

When the Pixel 4 landed, Google made a big deal about the camera, and rightfully so. But its best feature has nothing to do with photography and it isn’t the gesture-control Motion Sense, either. It’s an app called Recorder, and now Google has confirmed that it’s coming soon to older Pixels. As first spotted by Android Police, a Google moderator responded to a forum question about the Recorder app coming to older Pixel phones, saying the company plans “to roll it out to older Pixel devices in a future software update”. The poster didn’t specify which models would be getting the app, however. The Recorder is a simple app that’s incredibly powerful. As you might expect, it will record at a tap whatever it hears. Where it gets cool, however, is when…

11 min.
review: google nest hub max

Price: £219 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2rc9WOi I was dubious about cramming a 10in smart display into the kitchen of my Brooklyn apartment, but now that it’s here, I don’t want the Google Nest Hub Max to leave. Boasting a slim and trim frame that belies it imposing-sounding name, the £219 Nest Hub Max makes for an able and willing sous chef, reading recipes and playing YouTube videos while also controlling smart home gadgets and monitoring your home. Stereo speakers deliver surprisingly robust sound, while its Ambient EQ display technology and agility at photo collages help to make the Nest Hub Max one of the best digital photo frames I’ve ever tried. Still, the Nest Hub Max has its flaws, such as the lack of a physical camera shutter or analogue audio jacks,…