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Android Advisor is your go-to source for everything Android, from smartphones, tablets and the best mobile apps to wearable and in-car tech, optimised for the small screen of your mobile device. Whether you're new to the Android operating system or a seasoned user, you're sure to find something you like in Android Advisor's wealth of analysis, reviews, features and tutorials. Android Advisor will not only help you to choose the best phone or tablet for your needs, but also to get more out of that device.

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8 min.
google pixelbook

£1,199 inc VAT fave.co/2gTh5KM The Pixelbook is Google’s latest attempt to make the Chromebook cool. Despite two prior generations of flagship Chromebook Pixels and a handful of high-end copycats from other manufacturers, the Chromebook category remains in a rut. Typecast as cheap, disposable browsing machines or easily locked-down classroom computers, Google hasn’t figured out how to make the Chromebook essential in the same way the smartphone is for most people. Google’s answer is to make the Pixelbook more like a smartphone. It joins the growing list of Chromebook models that support Android apps. It’s also the first Chromebook to support Google Assistant, formerly available only on Android devices. As you might guess from the Pixelbook’s name, some of its features work specifically with Google’s flagship Android phones. In the absence of Wi-Fi, for…

11 min.
google pixel 2 xl

£799 inc VAT from fave.co/2yKBhqq Expectations were high for the second-generation Pixel phones, and Google hasn’t disappointed. This year’s flagship – the 2 XL – is better in almost every way, but it does come at a higher price. Price Prices of top-end phones have risen dramatically in the last year, and the Pixel 2 XL is more expensive than its predecessor. The base model – with 64GB of storage – costs £799, but you’ll pay £899 for the 128GB version. As with the original, there’s no microSD slot for expanding the storage of either model. You’ve got one other choice: colour. The Pixel 2 XL comes in Just Black or Black and White. If you want to get the phone on contract, EE has the exclusive in the UK. There’s a £9.99 up-front…

13 min.
huawei mate 10 pro

£699 inc VAT from fave.co/2xQGdsN Huawei is the biggest telecoms company on the planet, but the brand is still relatively unknown in the UK. Although other phone makers such as Samsung and Apple only very recently launched bezel-less phones, Huawei has quietly been doing this since 2014. Its Mate series has always had practically zero side bezels so although some will think that Huawei is just copying the big boys with the Mate 10, it’s actually the other way around. The past few Mates have all looked pretty much the same, but Huawei has shaken things up for 2017 and it’s no overstatement to say this is one of the best-looking phones around. It’s also one of the most powerful and longest-lasting, attributes which should ensure its place on your upgrade shortlist…

15 min.
xiaomi mi mix 2

£427 inc VAT from fave.co/2yNdMNE Despite being introduced as a concept phone, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix was the most interesting smartphone we saw in 2016. It was the phone that inspired Samsung, LG and Apple to feature 18:9 full-screen displays in their latest flagships, and it garnered so much attention in the consumer tech industry that today I have no fewer than six Chinese copycat phones sitting on my desk waiting to be reviewed, all with the product name ‘Mix’. Producing a successor to that revolutionary handset was always going to be a tough job for Xiaomi, but in the Mi Mix 2 it has returned a gorgeous flagship that is more manageable in the hand and significantly faster. It also features the same primary camera as the company’s Mi6, which is a…

10 min.
google home mini

£49 inc VAT from fave.co/2yKJ5IH If you’ve not decided what you want for Christmas this year, let us help you with that: a Google Home Mini. (Or multiple such devices if your loved ones are feeling generous.) Why? Because it’s awesome. We love the standard Google Home, but the Mini offers the same functionality at a fraction of the price. It offers a fraction of the audio quality, too, of course, but that doesn’t make us love it any less. Available now for £49 direct from Google or third-party vendors such as John Lewis, Currys, Argos and Maplin, Google Home Mini is sufficiently affordable to gift, and cheap enough that you can dip your toes into the new world of smart home voice assistants without a significant outlay. Better still, its £49 asking…

8 min.
samsung galaxy note8 tips and tricks

Samsung has come back from last year’s Note 7 disaster with the Galaxy Note8, a phone so jam-packed with features, you might still be learning things about it when the time comes for your next upgrade. The Note8 includes all the cool stuff Samsung bakes into all its phones, and then adds all the S Pen stuff. So why not accelerate your learning process? Here are 10 tips that will guide you to the very best features the Note8 offers. 1. Display adjustments The Galaxy Note8 has one of the best displays available on a smartphone, and you can make a few adjustments to tweak it just right for your eyes. Head into settings and find Display > Screen mode. There are four different modes from which to choose, including Adaptive, AMOLED cinema,…