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anal accustomers, magical tradition

You will think that anal sex is the proof of love, the promised gift, or something for a very special date… Well, your girl may enjoy it or not, but it is one more step in the relationship. Anal sex, is what you want to eat when you are dieting, some believe that it is a way to manipulate a man. But in reality we are going to break this critical panorama, for both men and women, starting with a reality that is nothing special, nor is it the promised gift, nor is it something they should be afraid of. The first resources date from the ancient Chinese civilization, where women were literally an object of reproduction and almost a sex toy (you will know that machismo in this civilization was strong), men…

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asian girls, an experience before dying

Several years ago a friend was on business in Tokyo, he fell madly in love with a girl from Japan. For me this was very strange, my friend was the boyfriend of a real blonde beauty from California, they had plans to get married, he was really a beautiful girl, one of the best bodies I could see. But, my friend dropped all of that when he met Asian girls. It was the summer of 2007, when my friend resigned from his prominent job in a large international company, broke up with his girlfriend, and left everything, to live with a girl from Tokyo, who did not seem the prettiest, was not very smiling and actually This all seemed crazy. Years later we resumed our friendship, and I asked him why he had…