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the age to marry?

The big question, with a fuzzy answer … But before you know the perfect age to get married, wouldn't it be smarter to know if you really want to get married? If you are a married man? If you really consider that marriage is what you want? Suppose that the above questions, and a large number are resolved, and that you are finally clear and want to be a family man. Now let's move on to the question of age: Studies show that people want a marriage for three factors: 1. Tradition.2. Fear to loneliness.3. Low self-esteem. Only a small handful of married people conclude that they have entered into a marriage as a good wish of their being, let's assume they are sincere with themselves. But let's face it, we cannot cover the sun with our…

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hot letter: sex with married with permission

Yes, this writing is something abnormal, when the world is full of single women, successful with plastic surgeries, breast implants and greater perfection than ever in the history of mankind, sometimes the forbidden is craving. I will tell you about my experience. I'm not really married, but I like experiences, so I went to a very popular website, where you can find dating with married women. I must honestly confess, that the idea of a woman, who has been at home for a long time without sex, and that when going to the supermarket, a mental image may make her wet … Wow, this seems exciting to me. The stories of these girls are similar, their husbands are very busy, there is no passion, they travel a lot for work, the children, the blablab…