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Antique Trader February 26 2020

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the basics

Compressing “collecting costume jewelry” into a tidy little package is no easy feat. I learned this several years ago by writing a book on the topic, Warman’s Costume Jewelry (Krause Publications), and more recently lecturing to a group of fine jewelry enthusiasts. So many different companies, designers, periods, styles, and materials to cover makes for a daunting task. Answering a few basic questions, however, is great point of departure. What is “costume” jewelry? First, collectors who love it don’t refer to costume jewelry as “junk.” But, back in the 1930s when many of the most collectible pieces by Trifari, Marcel Boucher, Eisenberg and others were made, it was common to call these sparkling treasures junk jewelry. The jewelry was made to be worn for a season or two while it was in…

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of love and things collected

THIS ISSUE OF Antique Trader shares stories of beginnings and endings, and the wonderfully confounding middle. Let’s start there, right in the middle, with Paul Ferrante, a collector of baseball stadium memorabilia, who through pure happenstance is getting to start all over again. Sort of. Ferrante shares his story beginning on page 34. Here’s a snippet. “So, for 30 years I went happily along, acquiring a piece here, a piece there, while also trading with other collectors, until the day came when my only child moved out and my wife said the dreaded words that bring chills to any collector: ‘We have to downsize.’ “Yes, folks, it was sell-the-house-and-buy-the-retirement-condo time. Yikes!” Sounds more like the end than a rebirth, right? But life intervened, as it tends to do. Ferrante’s decision to downsize exposed the hard lesson…

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mystery piece may have originally been a cobbler’s bench

Q I’m trying to figure out how to identify an unknown antique piece. Can you identify the attached photo, or direct me to where I might find out about it? I’m told it’s a typesetter’s table. Thank you, Jennifer Powers A I haven’t seen a typesetters table in this form. Typically, typesetters work from a type case mounted on a rack rather than a table. A type case is a shallow tray-like wooden box with many small compartments. The sides are about two-inches high, it can be three-feet wide and two-feet front to back. The type is stored in the small compartments. These cases are stored in racks with the letters on the highest racks being “upper-case” letters and those on the lowest racks being the “lower-case” letters. Your bench has the form of a…

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$100k hot wheels car?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A rare prototype Hot Wheels car, perhaps worth as much as $100,000, was recently discovered among a collection of otherwise ordinary cars. A Custom Camaro Hot Wheels dating to 1968 and verified as the first Hong Kong enamel white example ever found was acquired by toy historian Joel “America’s Toy Scout” Magee. The Custom Camaro is believed to be the earliest Hot Wheels casting created by Mattel, and an enamel white prototype version of the Custom Camaro would be among the very earliest Hot Wheels toys ever built — if not the earliest. As one of the first Hot Wheels cars, the enamel white Custom Camaro is considered one of the most desirable Hot Wheels cars in the world. Magee found the rare car among a set…

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heritage reports 2019 sales of $824.7 million

DALLAS – Strong results and several high-profile, world-record setting sales in comic art, coins, sports memorabilia and other departments, helped push Heritage Auctions’ total sales for 2019 to nearly $825 million. Heritage Auctions, HA.com, reported that it recorded sales of $824.7 million in the 2019 calendar year, comprised of $559,931,610 in auction sales and $256,991,331 in private sales. Total sales online reached a company record of $483,857,445, or 58 percent of all sales, the highest dollar volume and percentage of sales of any auction house in the world. “We set several world records last year and our overseas offices continue to grow at a steady pace, all of which helped our sales hold strong amidst a choppy economy,” said Heritage Auctions co-founder Jim Halperin. “These results and our long-term investments in the…

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archaeological museum in bulgaria to open soon

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Europe is perhaps the only continent with such a density of museums and galleries. Think of the Louvre in France, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums in Italy, and so on. And while these famous tourist locations attract billions of people each year, some hidden cultural gems are just as worthy of exploring. Like the small East-European country Bulgaria with its abundance of historic towns, archaeological sites, gallery halls, and, most importantly, the biggest private museum in Eastern Europe that will open its doors in the Bulgarian capital very soon. Set to become a new cultural beacon, the future museum will offer a brand-new way of experiencing art, history, culture, and technology altogether. “Vasil Bojkov Museum” will be something with no equivalent worldwide.…