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Antique Trader March 11 2020

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appraiser winding up long road trip

Part educator, part appraiser and part showman, Mark F. Moran has charmed and informed audiences at community events involving appraisal of antiques, collectibles and decorative arts throughout the Midwest for the better part of a decade. After traveling more than 300,000 miles, 2020 will be his last year of appraisal programs. We recently caught up with him at the Marathon County Library in Wausau, Wisconsin. For more information on Moran and his work, visit: www.markfmoran.com. Photo courtesy of Joaquín Morales (dragon by Warhammer)…

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as irish as paddy’s pig

IT WAS AN innocent question. Am I Irish? Mrs. Kitzhaber, my fifth-grade teacher at St. Paul Catholic School, gave me a smile that could have melted a late-winter snow. “Oh Paul,” she said, “you’re as Irish as Paddy’s pig.” Now I wasn’t sure being compared to a pig was a compliment or not, but if Mrs. Kitzhaber said it, well then, it must be so. She was a grand woman, Mrs. Kitzhaber. You would have liked her. She walked with purpose and taught with the passion of the driven. She had 40 kids in her class. Hers was a tight ship. She only had to tell us something once. Problem was, I was a lollygagger. A dreamer. A goof ball. But I was also Irish and Mrs. Kitzhaber had a soft spot in her heart…

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federal-style linen cabinet could be worth hundreds

Q I hope us that someone can help identify this cabinet and what it was used for. I know it is about 1870-90 Edwardian, with all hand-cut dovetails. I just don’t know what it was used for. The drawers make it look like a linen press, but I have never seen one like this before. David Vallone A When referring to furniture, the term “linen press” refers to a much taller piece of furniture consisting of a cabinet over drawers. It is often constructed in two pieces with the top half comprised of two doors concealing shelves and the lower half a chest of drawers. They are usually 6-1/2 to 7 feet Dr. tall Anthony CAVO . J. I would call your piece a clothes press or a linen cabinet. It is a…

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gallery bringing paris to new york

NEW YORK — An exhibition of Parisian street scenes by 20th-century French artist Antoine Blanchard (1910-1988) is on display at Rehs Galleries featuring examples of Blanchard’s work dating from the 1950s through the 1970s, with views of Place Vendôme, Place de la Concorde, Notre-Dame, Théâtre du Vaudeville, the Arc de Triomphe and many others. Blanchard, whose real name was Marcel Masson, was born in a small village in France just after the turn of the century. From an early age, Blanchard exuded artistic talent and in those formative years, he spent time watching his father work as a carver in his small carpentry and furniture shop, according to Rehs. Antoine would begin his studies in drawing at Blois, continuing on to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Rennes, where he was awarded the school’s…

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liveauctioneers reports record-setting year

NEW YORK — LiveAuctioneers, the world’s leading online marketplace for exceptional fine art, antiques and vintage collectibles, reports record results in 2019. This continues a year-over-year pattern of growth that remains unrivaled in the industry. “LiveAuctioneers empowers auction-house partners to realize the highest hammer prices on arts and collectibles with the least amount of pre-auction and post-auction effort. In 2019, LiveAuctioneers delivered the winners on more than 800,000 lots as well as the valuable underbidders on millions more lots. Our industry-leading mobile apps — with personalized algorithms and nearly 5 of 5 stars on the App Store — attracted 76% more traffic than any other live-bidding platform,” said Phil Michaelson, CEO of LiveAuctioneers. “Additionally, as compared to 2018, there was 40% growth in the adoption of LiveAuctioneers Payments solutions, which help auctioneers…

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high schooler’s lost purse found after six decades

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — A purse lost by a girl 63 years ago has been found in the wall of a school in Ohio. Chas Pyle, a custodian at North Canton Middle School in Ohio, found the red purse wedged behind a locker while carrying out maintenance work last year. After investigating its contents, the school identified the purse’s owner as former student Patti Rumfola and in a Facebook post last month that went viral, the school showed off the contents. Rumfola, who lost the item in 1957, died in 2013 but the school was able to get in contact with her children to return the purse and give them a glimpse into their mom’s life as a teenager. The school said in the Facebook post: “Thanks to the investigative work of many of…