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Antique Trader April 8 2020

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Whether you're looking for a trusted place to bid in auctions, buy or sell, Antique Trader is the top resource to find online auction sites, auction houses, and expert advice about antique furniture, jewelry and collectibles. Thousands of antiques and collectibles are for sale in each issue as well as hard to find items to buy, sell, or trade. Antique Trader also contains the most current and comprehensive information on antique shows and stores and earns best-selling honors year after year by providing precise descriptions and current pricing.

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serrant joins swann auction

NEW YORK – Corey Serrant is the newest member of the African-American Fine Art Department at Swann Auction Galleries. He shares with us some personal insights. Question: What brought you into the world of art? Serrant: My first foray into art came by accident. I enrolled in a 400-level art history course at Penn State not realizing that I had skipped the surveys. The course was Pioneers of Modern Architecture led by the department head, Dr. Craig Zabel. He focused on the Prussian master architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, and encapsulated Germanic art and architecture movements from the early nineteenth century to the Berlin Bauhaus. Iit opened my eyes to the beauty of art, architecture and design in practical and theoretical applications. From that course, my love of the visual arts was fueled. Question:…

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are we all just a bunch of hoarders?

ARE YOU A, GULP, hoarder? Vintage stove collector Christina Champion asks herself that very question in a self-deprecating and fun read starting on page 24. Champion has five vintage stoves, including a beautiful Glenwood kitchen stove she’s been using daily for the past 30 years. While five stoves may not seem like a lot, it’s all the other vintage-stove related stuff Champion has on her 65-acre home in picturesque Red Creek, New York – tucked between Rochester to the west and Syracuse to the east and just a snowball toss from Lake Ontario – that’s a bit concerning. Champion has advertising signs, cast iron cook pans, yardsticks, trade cards, cast iron turtles, match safes, match holders, cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, frogs, beaver paperweights, miniature fry pans, calendars, stove polish, pot holders, watch fobs,…

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flower power

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heritage names lucky $10k winner

DALLAS – Following a tradition that has grown for more than 20 years, Heritage Auctions has awarded a $10,000 auction credit to client Steven Wilson through a drawing among collectors who participated in the firm’s annual numismatic survey. The Pennsylvania resident’s interest in collecting was born out of a childhood curiosity about the hobby shared by his father and uncle. “My father had a retail business, and so did my uncle, about 50 years ago,” Wilson said. “My uncle saved silver dollars, and my dad had a huge jar of pennies. So I’d look through it, and the Indian heads and old Lincolns started fascinating me. My grandfather, in the 1930s, bought gold coins from people rather than letting them get sent to the government, and I ended up being gifted a…

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makeup museum to launch ‘pink jungle’ exhibit

NEW YORK — The Makeup Museum announces the launch of its debut exhibition in May with the immersive Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America, which will explore the entrepreneurs, icons and artifacts of the decade. Erno Laszlo and makeup purveyor Alcone are founding sponsors of the exhibition, which will be at 94 Gansevoort St. in Manhattan. “The Makeup Museum is a critical institution for the cultural landscape in New York because makeup has a 10,000-year history. There is so much that the Makeup Museum wants and has to explore,” says Doreen Bloch, executive director and co-founder of the museum. “The 1950s is a perfect time period for the Makeup Museum to start with in the debut exhibition because the 1950s is the birth of the modern cosmetics industry.” The Makeup Museum brings together…

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music to your ears

DENVER, Penn. – Highlighted by the Violano-Virtuoso, hailed as “one of the greatest scientific inventions of its age,” arguably the finest collection of coin-operated mechanical music machines to pass through Morphy Auctions’ doors comes to market April 25-26. The two-day event also boasts vending and gambling machines as well as an impressive lineup of antique advertising items, Dan Morphy, founder and president of Morphy Auctions, said. First released by the Mills Novelty Co. circa 1905, the Violano-Virtuoso features two mechanical violins with accompanying piano performing whatever music roll is selected by a customer. The piece is “in a league of its own” according to Morphy Auctions Coin-Op, Gambling & Mechanical Music Specialist Tom Tolworthy. An incredible entertainer with rich and stirring sound, the Violano-Virtuoso, meticulously restored by Robert Loeffler to its original…