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Antique Trader May 6 2020

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rare poster disappears for $182k

Quick bidding caused a rare movie poster for the 1933 classic film, The Invisible Man, to disappear at Heritage Auctions recently for $182,400, quickly shattering the expectations that it could reach $125,000. The sale coincided with the 2020 remake, starring Elisabeth Moss, which became among Hollywood’s first to go the route of video on demand. The vintage poster for the famous Universal monster movie is one of just a small handful of examples to exist. Heritage Auctions’ movie poster sale cleared $2.64 million by the end of the sale. H.G. Wells’ concept for a crazed scientist turned invisible is holding well with today’s viewers. The 2020 remake of The Invisible Man is popular with fans and critics, with RottenTomato.com scores of 91 percent with critics and 88 percent with viewers. “Even in…

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it’s in the mail

Demaris Swint has been collecting postcards for more than 60 years. The Alamo, Texas, woman has more than 200,000 postcards in her collection, making her the ideal person to coordinate National Postcard Week, celebrated the first full week of May since 1984. “I had some Japanese pen pals when I was in junior high. They sent me handmade postcards for Chinese New Year,” Swint said in explaining how she got started in the hobby. National Postcard Week is dedicated to the celebration of deltiology – the study of postcards – as a promotion to encourage and popularize the collecting, publishing and mailing of picture postcards. The U.S. issued the first official government postal card in 1873. To celebrate National Postcard Week, if you send Swint a postcard, she’ll return the favor. For more…

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and the postcard proves it

DONNY DRAKE WAS THE luckiest kid in my Kid World, and I have the postcard to prove it. Donny lived one block away from me growing up. He lived on Ninth Street. I lived on Eighth Street. Same exact house number. I could race out my back door, cut through the neighbor’s yard and be at his house in like 10 seconds, maybe faster if my sneakers were tied. He lived that close. Although sometimes it felt like he lived on Mars. Take a look at the postcard below. It’s from Donny when he went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, when we were both in grade school. He missed school for a week while on vacation. In the winter. That just didn’t happen. None of it. Missing school for a week was huge in…

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gifts for mom

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live auctioneers offering special assistance to clients

NEW YORK — LiveAuctioneers, whose online bidding platform is used by more than 6,000 auction houses and reaches millions of bidders worldwide, is offering special assistance both to clients and charitable organizations as COVID-19 continues to wield its devastating impact on businesses and communities. “The team at LiveAuctioneers is committed to helping auction houses navigate the unprecedented circumstances that are restricting their ability to conduct in-person gallery previews and sales,” said LiveAuctioneers CEO Phil Michaelson. “Auction house owners are extremely concerned about the welfare of their customers, employees and communities, so many are replacing in-person sales with online-only events on LiveAuctioneers.com. They’re taking these steps to sustain their local businesses and keep team members employed, while also doing their part to flatten the curve. At LiveAuctioneers, we’ve immediately implemented supportive measures…

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lather up!

We’ve all heard that one of the best weapons against coronavirus is clean hands. Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission, so properly washing them with soap and water — or the next best option of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — for a minimum of 20 seconds is a critical measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent infections. This is common sense and it works. Being in the current grip of corona-virus isn’t the first time the importance of hand hygiene has been touted. It was first championed by Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis in 1847. Semmelweis, who worked in the maternity wards at the Vienna General Hospital, was trying to solve the mystery of childbed fever, a fatal illness affecting women who’d just given birth. After a number…