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Antique Trader November 18, 2020

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Whether you're looking for a trusted place to bid in auctions, buy or sell, Antique Trader is the top resource to find online auction sites, auction houses, and expert advice about antique furniture, jewelry and collectibles. Thousands of antiques and collectibles are for sale in each issue as well as hard to find items to buy, sell, or trade. Antique Trader also contains the most current and comprehensive information on antique shows and stores and earns best-selling honors year after year by providing precise descriptions and current pricing.

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mexican artist's work rising again

Diego Rivera began drawing at age three. “Just as soon as I could get my short little fat fingers around a pencil, I was drawing on everything,” he once said. Rivera covered the walls and furniture with his work, prompting his father to give him a room of his own covered with blackboard. There the young Rivera spent hours creating worlds on his walls. It’s probably no surprise then that the Mexican artist went on to not only become famous for his towering murals in adulthood, but emerged as one of the great Modernists of 20th-century art and arguably one of the most important painters in his nation’s history. Rivera’s artwork of the working class had a profound impact on the international art world, and among his many contributions, he is credited…

2 min.
when you're feeling von trapped

DR. FAUCI, I COULD USE A HUG. I’m frazzled, fried and flummoxed. I’m disheveled, discouraged and disagreeable – just ask my wife. What’s more, I’m bedraggled, befuddled and behaving – which is no fun at all. I admit it. If this insufferable year should suddenly meld into some kind of zombie apocalypse, with frogs and fish falling from the sky, I wouldn’t be surprised. Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens . . . I’m afraid I’ve reached the end of my rope. And I know I’m not alone. Right? You’ve got to be feeling the same way. You just have to be. . . . Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things. . . I’m tired of Zoom meetings, of seeing co-workers in sweatshirts…

2 min.
scientifically speaking, its fun

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes we get the nicest surprises from readers, like the recent email from Bayard H. Brattstrom below. Brattstrom is a distinguished herpetologist (he studies amphibians and reptiles), professor, author, photographer and artist who spent more than forty years teaching at Cal State Fullerton. Brattstrom is also 91 and has been an Antique Trader subscriber for twenty years. He just sent his tenth book off to his publisher and is still involved in serious research: he’s written 300 scientific papers and 600 consulting reports so far. But more than anything, Brattstrom is proof that a serious person doesn’t have to take himself, or life, too seriously, as his note illustrates. Read it carefully because he’s got a lot of interesting things to share: HI. SAW YOUR ARTICLE in Antique Trader…

1 min.
the lizard king

Reader Bayard H. Brattstrom, with his Home Depot T. rex, takes his fun seriously. Brattstrom, Professor of Zoology, Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton, is a pioneer in the fields of herpetological fossils and temperature regulation. He also loves life, which is why he and his T. rex get along so famously. And, oh yeah, the eyes light up on both the skeleton and the professor.…

1 min.
bidders hungry for big-name artists

DALLAS — Bidders’ appetites for big-name artists exceeded all expectations in Heritage Auctions’ recent $2 million Prints & Multiples event. Artworks by Andy Warhol, KAWS, Banksy and Damien Hirst all sold for nearly double or triple pre-auction estimates: Warhol’s Chanel, from Ads, 1985, sold for a staggering $225,000 against a $120,000 estimate. Applause, 2006, by Banksy, was expected to sell for $8,000 until 23 bids pushed the sale price to $57,500, fully seven times its pre-auction estimate. “It doesn’t surprise me that the world’s most popular artists would be among the top lots in the sale,” said Holly Sherratt, Directory of Prints & Multiples at Heritage Auctions. “Warhol has always been an auction powerhouse and what can be more luxurious than a bottle of Chanel No. 5? Now Banksy is the cultural…

2 min.
certified collectibles group hires sports card experts

Together, Broome and Reeves boast nearly three decades of experience as professional graders in the sports card industry. SARASOTA, Fla. — Certified Collectibles Group announces that Andy Broome and Westin Reeves, two world-class sports card experts, have been hired to lead the Certified Sports Guaranty grading team. CSG is the latest company to be formed by CCG and will launch soon to provide sports card collectors and dealers with expert, impartial and efficient certification services. Together, Broome and Reeves boast nearly three decades of experience as professional graders in the sports card industry. Broome started grading sports cards professionally in 2000. Since then, he has graded millions of cards, including the most iconic ones such as the T206 Honus Wagner, T206 Doyl Nat’l and T206 Ty Cobb Back. While Broome has graded cards of all…