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Artichoke Issue 68 September 2019

Artichoke, Australia’s most respected interior architecture and design magazine, presents inspiring examples of design excellence and engaging discussion of design issues to industry professionals and a broader audience of design-savvy consumers. It reviews significant new projects, profiles designers, showcases new products and explores creative design collaborations. It is the national magazine of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA).

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After a busy few months attending design awards and events, I’ve been reflecting on the rapport and closeness among our design community. In Australia, we are part of a relatively small community of designers and the degrees of separation are few. You attend the same events, have worked at the same practices, have caught the same red eye to Milan, and cut a rug at the same after parties. The chances are that if you don’t know each other, you know of each other. You’ve spent time together, had similar experiences, formed bonds and, with the help of social media, learned more about each other than just the work you do – you know about one another’s personal lives, interests and struggles. Like anything, though, you only get out what you…

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a shared future

Over the past almost two years, I have had the privilege of writing to (and for) Artichoke readers and DIA members in this column, sharing my thoughts and opinions about themes that affect all of us in the design community. During this time, I’ve asked you to consider how you talk to a wider audience about what it is that you do, to further build awareness of just what professional design is, to celebrate the wins in whatever form they come, and to know the real value of design and the importance of making a real contribution to solving the complex problems faced in our shared future. And that is what I want to explore here: the idea that we all have a share in shaping the future – and a…

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Marcus Baumgart is a designer and writer, and a founding director of Baumgart Clark Architects with long-time collaborator John A. Clark. You can read about their adventures at www.help.design. Melbourne Central Arcade (page 108) Claire Beale is executive director at Design Tasmania. Her aim is to change the conversation around design in the wider community and create opportunities to showcase the value design brings to our economic and cultural capital. She is also the current national president of the DIA. Comment (page 12) Sharyn Cairns is at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia, with a portfolio spanning interiors, food, travel and lifestyle. She creates beautiful images that capture moods and emotions, playing with light and shadows to create depth and memorable scenes. Prince Dining Room (page 32) Peter Clarke is one of Australia’s most notable…

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the edit

T Model lamp from Fred International Designed by Arash Nourinejad and meticulously crafted in Denmark, Anour’s T Model reimagines the classic table lamp with a minimal form and distinctive finish. It features a tilting lamp shade with an integrated touch dimmer and a warm LED light source. Anour lamps are individually surface treated, which results in a finely structured surface. The T Model lamp is available through Fred International in three different brass finishes: polished, brushed and browned. Fred International — fredinternational.com.au The Esteem chair by Apparentt The Esteem chair by Apparentt is both graceful and comfortable, with a backrest made from a solid piece of steam-bent timber forming a seamless, flowing curve. Developed and refined over several years, the Esteem chair is made locally in Melbourne and is available in natural American oak,…

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hotel rose bay

Authenticity is a word often trumpeted as an essential goal we should all strive for in our digital and physical lives. In the built world, and in hospitality design in particular, authenticity in the user experience is something we all strive to achieve – but what does that realistically mean in a world where there is an expectation for the user experience to be constantly updated, on trend and consistently relevant? Authenticity in interior design, particularly in the world of hospitality, means providing environments that are genuine and relevant to the people who experience them by providing a meaningful connection to the people, the place and the products served. The Hotel Rose Bay, built in 1929 in an interwar Art Deco style, has seen a number of interiors refits during its ninety-year…

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prince dining room

The Prince of Wales Hotel has been an integral part of St Kilda’s cultural identity since as far back as 1863. When it came to transforming what was once Circa, the exclusive fine dining restaurant on the first floor, IF Architecture was brought on board to turn it into a casual dining experience. While striving to reinvent and recharge the space, IF has made reference to the site’s long history and reassembled these ideas into an experience that serves the new direction for the dining space. Iva Foschia of IF Architecture describes both St Kilda and the Prince Hotel (as it is now known), as places of polarity. Over the years, the Prince Hotel has embraced both the glamorous and the gritty – its colourful history is arguably a mirror for…