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I’m having a love affair, with my wallet. Oh, I know for some people finding the quintessential wallet is a lifelong pursuit, but not me. I found one 20 years ago and am faithful. I’m not looking back or forward to the newfangled. Mine is one big rectangular leather pouch with border stitching, rivets and a worn-out clasp. It was a bit more than I could afford to spend at the time with no compartments for credit cards and change, but it called to me and over the past 20 years it possesses a luster that’s a roadmap to charm, and yes, rustic glam. Like timeworn slippers or an old leather sofa, it has served me well. It owes me nothing as the saying goes. The leather once bright and stiff is now…

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book nook

ART & QUEER CULTURE By Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer PHAIDON • $39.95 Updated and revised, “Art & Queer Culture” is a comprehensive and definitive survey of artworks that have constructed, contested, or otherwise responded to alternative forms of sexuality. Rather than focusing exclusively on artists who self-identify as gay or lesbian, this book instead traces the shifting possibilities and constraints of sexual identity that have provided visual artists with a rich creative resource over the last 130 years – and it does so in an accessible, authoritative voice, with a wealth of rarely-seen imagery. A ROMANCE OF EAST AND WEST By Mona Hajj THE MONACELLI PRESS • $50 This luxurious book filled with sumptuous interiors dazzles readers with the global and sophisticated work of Baltimore-based interior designer Mona Hajj. Characterized by grandeur mixed with rustic charm,…

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book nook up close

MOROCCO IN BLOOM By Giuppi Pietromarchi Foreword by Madison Cox Photography by Giulio Pietromarchi ACC ART BOOKS • $34 “My family’s name, Sgaravatti, was famous in the plant world, like the Agnelli family is famous for FIAT cars.” Giuppi Pietromarchi learned to pull up her roots, though, moving as often as her family life required, but always looking for beauty around her. Pietromarchi, author of “Morocco in Bloom,” lived at the Moroccan embassy from 1986 to 1989, during her husband’s term as Italian ambassador there. “There were no flowers on the grounds,” she recalls. So she set her heart on changing that. Pietromarchi still works as a landscape designer, mainly in Tuscany. Her reference book offers colorful images: Breathtaking photos by her son Giulio Pietromarchi (pink rose petals so close, you will want to inhale the perfume);…

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butterfly house

ARCHITECTURE: Feldman Architecture, San Francisco, CA LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Ground Studio Landscape Architecture, Monterey, CA Set beside a canyon in Carmel, California, with windswept meadows and ancient hills, the house that architect Jonathan Feldman designed for David and Suzanne Rinaldo mimics the shape of the swaying treeline. Three structures – one for living, another for the master suite and a third for guest rooms – uniquely fit the landscape and the couple, who wanted to be completely immersed in their natural setting. After seeing the plan for the first time, the Rinaldo’s thought of butterflies gracefully landing in a meadow, which is fitting because of the butterfly roofs that tilt up on the north and south sides, bringing in views of the landscape and opening up the interior spaces to it. Feldman, their architect, adds…

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balderbrae gardens

INTERIOR DESIGN: Jayne Design Studio, New York, NY ARCHITECTURE: Easton Steinmeyer & Associates, Tulsa, OK LANDSCAPE: Nancy Goslee Power & Associates, Santa Monica, CA The landscape at Balderbrae, a 6-acre country estate in Suffern, NY, is an enchanting oasis in the woods. With walled gardens, manicured pathways, open-air loggias and rose covered pergolas at the center, the scene loosens around the edges with lawns that stretch outward, lazily, giving in to the ruralness of the surrounding land. Previously belonging to horticulturist Louise Beebe Wilder (1878-1938) and her architect husband in the early 1900s, Balderbrae includes the original cottage as well as a stone house designed by David Easton, a NY architect and interior designer who bought the property with his partner, Jimmy Steinmeyer, in 1980. “Once David had designed the house facing the cottage,…

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southern new england pool house

ARCHITECTURE: John B. Murray Architect, New York, NY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Oehme, Van Sweden & Associates, Washington, DC Emerging from this bucolic landscape – a vast tract of land in Southern New England – is a pool and pool house that, although new, feels absolutely timeless. “We positioned the pool on a high part of the pasture area and enclosed it with a paddock fence,” declares architect John Murray. Though modest in size, the structure – with its exterior beadboard cladding and hand-split cedar roof shakes – echoes the early American sensibility of the other 18th- and 19th-century buildings on the property, while the organic shape of the pool blends in with the landscape, which includes regional plantings, rolling fields and a nearby pond. “There was a desire by the client and we always try…