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must-haves for the modern host

Ever since I can remember I have always gravitated toward the bold, the impactful, the inspiring—it’s as though my first language has always been design—lush colors, intricate patterns, and inviting textures have always spoken to me. This deeply rooted love has led me to where I am today, living, breathing, and absolutely obsessing over all things design. I’m Suly Weissman, Design Specialist for Thermador. I believe in living exceptionally every day and with Thermador appliances, you can too. Check out my absolute favorite products that are sure to add spice to your life...and your kitchen. 1 A TOUCH OF BOLD Bring an artistic allure to any culinary space with our cast metallic knobs in signature Thermador blue. 2 KEEP THINGS STEAMY With the largest steam capacity, 17 different cooking modes, and Home Connect™ capabilities—Thermador…

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from the editor

OPTIMISM. The world is off its axis. With the New Year approaching and the presidential election nipping at its heels, I am hanging onto an optimism that presents itself uniquely with the birth of a newborn. There’s a new sheriff in town, and she rules with cooing and smiles – probably some attributed to gas – but intoxicating just the same. She brings an authority to what it means to care for one another and help others who rely on us. Amid the din she makes an argument for quiet reflection. In a time when life feels like a war on words, she has no agenda other than the one her parents set out to prepare her for; to share her toys, play nice with others and strive for self-actualization. In this issue, our…

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wild horses couldn’t keep anouk krantz away

The award-winning photographer, born and raised in the South of France, rode horses from the time she was eight years old. In the mid-1990s she moved to the United States. Then, about 10 years ago, she stumbled upon her first rodeo in Kansas and became intrigued by the lore and life of the Great Plains. “West: The American Cowboy” explores, in black and white, the enduring iconic symbol of our country’s pioneering spirit. She also focused her lens on the wide-open spaces in a largely overlooked part of the world. “Color photography captures nuances that can be distracting and make it possible to ascertain within a decade or so when a picture was shot,” Krantz explains. “Black and white removes the natural inclination to identify a sense of time and the state…

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a kyle bunting we will go

“Blurring the boundaries between the built and natural environment, our designs merge California modernism with vernacular design elements.Through details and materials, we maximize the homeowner’s connection with the site and natural surroundings.” – Steven Ehrlich Hide is a material of incredible depth and dimension that brings unlimited design potential to rugs, walls, pillows and upholstery. Kyle Bunting continues to be true to this one material, constantly creating new designs in hide. With his team of contributing designers, Bunting innovates and expands the possibilities from his studio in Austin, TX. 2020 INTRODUCING “POLARITY,” KYLE BUNTING’S COLLECTION WITH COSMIC NEW ARTIST MATT NEUMAN A new collection of hide rugs, wall coverings and art. kylebunting.com EHRLICH YANAI: OUTSIDE-IN NEW CALIFORNIA MODERNISM Steven Ehrlich and Takashi Yanai Intro by Zahid Sardar The Monacelli Press • $60 Designed by Ehrlich…

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it’s only natural

1 PINE FRESH There was a time when pine was dismissed as nothing more than a utilitarian building material or, in the context of kitchens, a yellow-lacquered, knotty-textured out-of-date eyesore that one ripped out and replaced as soon as you could. But there’s a new kid on the (wooden) starting block – the stripped down, organic looking white pine – and its urban aesthetic and clean Scandinavian vibes are making this the material du jour for furniture designers, interior architects and homeowners. 2 BALANCING ACT Wood is the main event in this poetic interpretation of architectural minimalism. As the only natural construction material among the manmade plaster, glass and concrete, the presence of timber provides texture, warmth, color as well as visual energy thanks to a slatted design that marries…

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taking inventory: boundless adventures

ABC Stone AXIOM: Kitchens these days are “a feast for the eyes” and have become the ‘design center’ of the house. One reason is the Instagram Phenomenon. Everyone’s asking themselves how to top the kitchens they see on the site; they’re searching for the “wow” factor. ADVENTURE WITH A CAPITAL “A”: We love the adventure of seeing the natural beauty the earth yields. There’s a certain wonder about it all, no two lots are ever the same. We feel like the mountain is telling us a story that we have the incredible honor of discovering. INCREDIBLE COMPOSITIONS: We work directly with quarries on six continents for natural materials and have a procurement team on staff that travels the world to make sure we only source top materials. WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS:…