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I just celebrated my sixty-first birthday and it got me thinking, “been there done that?” Had I crossed the Rubicon only to land in a decade where ‘firsts’ were a thing of the past? I became anxious, if not a bit cynical. I would never experience the butterflies of my first kiss again, the excitement of putting the pedal to the metal in my first car, the ambivalence I felt when I left home for the first time. You get where I’m going with this. When did ‘firsts’, become de rigueur? Somehow influencing – or inhibiting – new possibilities? Alas, maybe I am still learning how to hit the refresh button as I settle into the realization that experiencing the ‘first’ of many is exciting, but what comes thereafter will continue to challenge…

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kenny schwartz businessman, entrepreneur, arts patron

“It was now or never,” asserts Kenny Schwartz, the entrepreneur, and highly-regarded arts patron who among other endeavors turned a vacant building in Red Bank, New Jersey, into the popular Detour Gallery. “I saw the progressive demise of the historic Fort Monmouth Army barracks that had operated full tilt from 1917 until 2011. It was a city-within-a-city and becoming a ghost town. Something had to be done.” After preparing a detailed proposal of all his ideas, Schwartz presented it to the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA), the governing body charged with determining its fate. He would purchase the six derelict barracks and turn them into studios and galleries for art, dance and music; and transform one into a house for an artist-in-residence program. Schwartz would also purchase the adjacent two-acre Soldiers Park, which…

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book nook

DESERT GARDENS OF STEVE MARTINO By Caren Yglesias, Photographs by Steve Gunther The Monacelli Press • $50 Landscape architect Steve Martino was born, raised and lives in Phoenix, so desert air is in his lungs. He is the ideal expert to show us gardens – even gardens growing on rooftops – in that sandy climate. In his hands, desert plants, spiky or not, are inspiring and beautiful, thriving under open skies. For 36 years, Martino has been committed to developing and advancing landscape architecture in the Southwest. Author Caren Yglesias, who teaches landscape architecture and environmental planning at the University of California, Berkeley, weaves together Martino’s words and wisdom with photographer Steve Gunther’s striking photos – transporting us to this arid expanse. There’s nothing barren here with Martino as our guide. He juxtaposes strong…

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it felt good to get out of the rain

Folk rock band America released “A Horse with No Name” on vinyl in 1971; it remains a fitting serenade to Steve Martino. An ode to the desert. Yes, Martino is looking at all the life. “I’ve described my design style as ‘Weeds and Walls’ – nature and man. I use native plants to make the transition from a building to the adjacent natural desert,” he declares. He embraces the resiliency of the soil and its ability to nurture growth. “My clients come to me because they want a desert experience. We live in the desert and relating to it is making an authentic connection to the region.” Is the view soothing – or prickly? “Any view into nature is wonderful and rejuvenating against the stress of our daily lives. The desert is even more…

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on the qt

Like the best gardeners, Toby Musgrave weeded and pulled until this collection was exactly to his liking. “My passion for gardens is in my blood. My grandparents were fantastic gardeners and some of my earliest memories are of sowing seeds with my grandfather in his garden shed,” Musgrave states. He grew up in Bristol in the UK; from age five, he had his own small vegetable patch. Next time you travel, take a leaf from his book and make room for green spaces on your itinerary, next to hunts for the best craft beers, local grapes, truffles, beaches, fine dining, shopping and museums. “I would encourage any traveler to visit gardens. They are a high form of art and a revealing form of cultural expression that tell you a lot about a place,”…

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book nook

CALIFORNIA CAPTURED Mid-Century Modern Architecture Marvin Rand Eds. by Emily Bills, Sam Lubell, Pierluigi Serraino Phaidon • $59.95 LA photographer Marvin Rand created iconic images of the most celebrated architectural creations of his time, buildings by Modernist masters Craig Ellwood, Louis Kahn and Frank Lloyd Wright. The discovery of Rand’s archive has brought a treasure trove to life, and showcases the period as never before. NAOTO FUKASAWA: EMBODIMENT With an introduction by Jane Suri Fulton Phaidon • $79.95 Naoto Fukasawa’s simple, restrained and user-friendly products have an extraordinarily universal appeal. Featuring more than 100 of his latest designs, including appliances, tableware and luggage for Muji; furniture for Driade, B&B Italia and Herman Miller; pens for Lamy; an umbrella for Wallpaper; stores and watches for Issey Miyake and a computer for Samsung, among many other groundbreaking designs. DESIGNED…