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ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME collaborates with emergent and eminent architects, artisans, designers, developers, builders and realtors to create beautiful content from distinct perspectives. Through thought-provoking writing, lush layouts and vibrant graphics, the quarterly publication offers meticulously curated product and trend coverage from around the globe.

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color & full lives

amy@aspiremetro.com I got to thinking about this issue’s COLOR theme and took a step back. The eclectic projects and homes that are featured are boundless with individualism and energy (and mostly color). They are coveted by adventuresome spirits – homeowners who have chosen to live their lives according to their true selves. Naturalists, artists, stylists. As I look throughout my home, it’s mostly neutral. Am I not adventuresome? Where’s my spirit? My friend who loves color doesn’t shy from it. Her deck explodes with bright and whimsy. Her house mixes and matches. Her clothes celebrate prints. I joke with her and say, I’m in my “brown period.” She can have all my Fiestaware. My mother, my mentor, shares a story with me about a forest-green coat my grandmother bought for her when she was…

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book nook

IF ARCHITECTURE IS A LANGUAGE, THEN A BUILDING IS A STORY By Eliezer Armon Images Publishing • $50 Armon’s second book is a retrospective of major works created by the architect, martial arts master and Kabbalist during his 40+-year career master planning Israel’s peripheral and southern cities and creating several of the country’s most important national and biblical desert structures and monuments, including Abraham’s Well, the Officer’s Synagogue at Bahad 1, the Israeli West Point and the design of the country’s major transportation hubs and railways. A DETROIT NOCTURNE Photographs by Dave Jordano Text by Karen Irvine powerHouse Books • $39.95 “A Detroit Nocturne” captures the city by night, without people, through a series of eerie portraits of buildings and street scenes. The city’s wound-down vacancy and stillness, lit at night, reflects an almost post-apocalyptic tension-yet-calm. One…

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book nook up close

ACC Publishing • $80 Which came first? Luis Bustamante’s passion for art or his stylish eye for displaying it? It began when the acclaimed Spanish interior designer was a small boy in Madrid, and his father took him by the hand to see the paintings at the city’s Museo del Prado. It blossomed when he was a painter and sculptor. And now he has merged his love for art and his talent for design into a refined and sophisticated style sought after by art collectors around the world. His new book, with 188 color images, shows his latest projects in London, Miami, Madrid, Aspen, Mexico City, Barcelona, the Hamptons and St. Moritz, among other glamorous places. His gift is displaying a painting, photograph or sculpture in the dramatic frame of a room. “When there’s…

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“Perhaps I’m channeling Damien Hirst or Alexander McQueen – two of my idols – but my creative energy leans this way more often than not.” – Lindström This West Jefferson Boulevard address in L.A. has come a long way since its days as a chicken processing facility. Now the appointment-only showroom for Lindström Rugs, this bespoke space offers a gallery-like experience for customers seeking artfully patterned hand-knotted and hand-tufted floor coverings. Founder Erik Lindström designed the space himself, fashioning a chic, black-and-gray cocoon with pops of color from velvet-covered furniture. “I’ve designed most of my collections with a haute couture vision, which requires a canvas unlike most rug showrooms,” explains Lindström. Made of wool, silk, nettle, cactus, hemp and linen, the Lindström collections are all GoodWeave certified (only adult artisans, not children,…

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high man on the totem pole

Art. What it expresses and how it’s expressed has changed radically over the decades and continues to spark heated debates. One of today’s most thought-provoking concepts is from Sébastien Courty, a Frenchman working and living in New York with commercial and private clients throughout the world. Following a career that began with painting and then eclipsed into the creation of three-dimensional, hand- and screen-printed fabrics, some of which became women’s fashions, he is now focusing on weaving – but with a twist. Courty explains it this way: “My goal is always to push the boundaries of any medium I use. I do not want to create something practical, but a piece of art. I choose textiles (for my subject matter) because these offer unlimited forms and ways to work with it. Weaving…

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LITTLE PUZZLE THING™ jigsaws are miniature puzzles that can be completed in twenty minutes or less. Reward your mind with some off-screen time. Each series is a timed edition, printed in limited quantities. Act fast before they get eaten up. Ages 6+. areaware.com The countries he chose for this collection, which was first exhibited in Hyères, France in the summer of 2018, are Peru, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, India, China and New Zealand. While selected randomly, the materials used for each reflect the primary items each country exports, including rubber, corn fiber, precious stones and other substances not normally associated with weaving, as well as its culture. “Together, they draft a singular identity through natural resources and commercial success,” he says, “transporting viewers into the country itself, enabling them to learn more about…