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November 2019

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles offers entrée into the city’s most inspiring residences. Readers view exquisite interiors and innovative architecture, with beautiful spreads illustrating everything from the latest looks to timeless classics. The magazine is also a champion of supporting local food traditions and regional cuisine created by the city’s finest chefs and food artisans. It is a definitive guide to Atlanta’s hottest homes, top design professionals, premier showrooms, delectable restaurants, residential real estate and cultural events.

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passion projects

“WE SHAPE OUR BUILDINGS, AND THEN OUR buildings shape us,” Winston Churchill once said. Indeed, the power of design to both influence and transport us is almost as magical as the painstaking process of transforming our home into a place that is uniquely and lovingly our own. Our November issue is devoted to timeless design and traditional style; on the pages that follow, we tour four classicallly minded residences that were passionately but exactingly designed to suit the needs of their owners, who delight in imbuing their homes with a sense of history and gravitas. From an architectural folly designed by William Litchfield, John Howard and Liza Bryan for a homeowner in need of a space of her own (page 64) to a custom kitchen table (specified in lieu of an island)…

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style news

BLAKE WEEKS ATLANTA HOMES & LIFESTYLES: What’s the inspiration behind Indefinite Articles, your new collection of sculptural art? BLAKE WEEKS: I am drawn to landscapes that straddle two worlds. Swamps and marshlands are particularly compelling—they’re so romantic, wild and dangerous—and a constant source of inspiration. An ecosystem that exists simultaneously between water and earth demands that the life found within it navigate both terrains with equal prowess and ability. Growing up on the coastal plains of Alabama ensured my exposure to this particular flora and fauna, and I imagine it set the stage for this work. AH&L: Your creations are so intricate. Where do you find all your materials? WEEKS: I don’t place limits on where I find materials. I forage; I’ve taken apart jewelry; I’ve gone to bead shows and gemstone exhibits. I…

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book look

The Style of Movement The intersection of style and fashion meets the intricacy of dance in this photographic feast for the eyes. From Dior and Valentino gowns to vintage Halston and Bill Blass, The Style of Movement: Fashion and Dance (Rizzoli, $75) captures today’s greatest dancers mid-dance, bringing movement to style with Ken Browar and Deborah Ory’s compelling photography. A Great Party Acclaimed event designer Bryan Rafanelli shares the foundation for creating unforgettable soirées and gatherings in A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration (Rizzoli, $55). From beautiful backyards to sandy beaches and from Aspen to Istanbul, his clever details convey a narrative. Bruce Moffett Cooks Go on a culinary journey along the coast with this Charlotte-based chef’s book, Bruce Moffett Cooks: A New England Chef in a New South Kitchen (Univ. of North Carolina,…

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around town with naomi von habersham

I’VE REALLY BEEN FEELING LOST LATELY, sometimes literally. A few months ago, I was stopped at the intersection of Roswell Road and East Andrews, and for a split second, I lost my bearings and panicked, wondering, “Where am I?” No, I’m not mentally slipping. I blame it on the fact that at one corner of the intersection, there is a property that has been stripped of its trees and is being prepped for major construction, making the once-wooded land unrecognizable. More recently, I was sitting outside of the St. Regis bar, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where the newly built high-rises looming in the distance were actually located. Were they to the east of the Buckhead Triangle or north of it? After decades of knowing…

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fresh fusion

HAUTE FRENCH INTERIORS and historic Southeast Asian flavors meld together in celebrity restaurateurs Rick Wahlstedt and Joe King’s latest dining venture, Le Colonial. Inside the 8,100-square-foot restaurant—designed by Chicago-based architect Mark Knauer—the sophisticated French-Indochina interiors unfold through a series of dining areas that include the main dining room, airy veranda, private event space and the bar and lounge, all of which encourage a “stay awhile” mantra through a mix of ambient music, tropical plants and rattan furniture. Freehanded murals of lotus flowers by Swedish artist Jonas Wickman grace the walls while black-and-white photos of 1920s Saigon allude to a bygone era. And if the interiors aren’t enough to transport and delight, the cuisine certainly will. With their recently launched lunch menu, diners can expect a lighter sampling of menu favorites—including the…

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the french connection

“THE MIX OF OLD AND NEW makes this home feel younger, hipper and more current,” interior designer Courtney Giles explains of the stucco-clad, French-inspired manse in Buckhead that she decorated for empty nesters with a large collection of antiques gathered through the decades. A runner with an animal print, for example, accents the serpentine open stairway in the front foyer, perfectly balancing the reclaimed stone flooring and intricate antique chest. A vibrant abstract painting also strikes a more modern note, establishing the palette of aqua, blue and blush tones that can be found throughout the interior. “The foyer is very clean and crisp, and that’s how the rest of the house feels,” Giles says. It faces the formal living room, a light-filled space with a pair of striking black metal-and-glass doors that…