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Australian HiFi July - August 2014

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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editor’s lead in

When radio isn’t radio The other week I received a press release from Apple about its new ‘iTunes Radio™’ in which the company claimed ‘When you tune into iTunes Radio… you’ll have access to stations inspired by the music you already listen to, featured stations curated by Apple and genre-focused stations that are personalised just for you.’ Maybe it was a bit late in the day, or maybe it was just because it was Apple, but I suddenly found myself annoyed with Apple for its temerity in using the word ‘radio’ to describe its new iTunes service—even if it did include a trademark symbol. I was annoyed because Apple’s new service is NOT radio at all! What is radio? How’s this for a definition: ‘Radio is the wireless transmission of signals through…

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MARANTZ SA8005 SACD PLAYER/USB-DAC Marantz has released a new SA8005 Super Audio CD Player that can also operate as a high-quality DAC, with the additional benefit of having a USB input in addition to standard SPDIF coaxial and optical inputs. ‘Marantz design engineers have taken everything they achieved in the Premium Range and reincarnated that knowledge in the exquisite SA8005 stereo Super Audio CD Player,’ said Ralph Grundl, of Qualifi, which distributes Marantz in Australia. ‘It faithfully reproduces a wide sound stage with no extra or missing information, thanks to the faster, lower-noise and lower impedance symmetrical circuits with high-quality components including an on-board USB-DAC for extreme versatility. The result is spectacular, earth-moving audio balanced with delicate minute detail.’ The loading mechanism, which accommodates both SACDs and ordinary CDs, is claimed to…

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bryston 28b sst²

One of the most common questions in audio is: ‘How much amplifier power do I need to drive these speakers?’ If the speakers in question are extraordinarily efficient, such as a pair of Lowthers, the answer might be that you need as little as 1-watt (though personally, I am always loath to recommend any amplifier rated at less than 20-watts per channel, making exceptions only for some valve designs). Mostly, you’ll hear recommendations for amplifier power output that range somewhere between 50-watts per channel and 200-watts per channel. So when Bryston announced that its new 28B SST monobloc would be rated at 1,000-watts (and no, that wasn’t a misprint: one thousand watts or, if you prefer, one kilowatt…) into an 8 load, many people asked the obvious question: Why? The answer…

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bryston 28b sst² monobloc power amplifier

Brand: Bryston Model: 28BSST² Category: Monobloc Power Amplifier RRP: $28,998 per pair Warranty: Twenty Years Distributor: Sennheiser Australia Pty Ltd Address: Unit 3. 31 Gibbes Street Chatwood NSW 2067 1800 648 628 (02) 9910 6700 sales@sennheiser.com.au http://en-au.sennheiser.com/distributed-brands • Power • Finesse • Imaging • Warranty • Big • Heavy • Hot • Expensive LAB REPORT Readers interested in a full technical appraisal of the performance of the Bryston 28B SST² Monobloc Power Amplifier should continue on and read the LABORATORY REPORT published on page 94. Readers should note that the results mentioned in the report, tabulated in performance charts and/ or displayed using graphs and/or photographs should be construed as applying only to the specific sample tested.…

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disaster area

*If you are not familiar with the band Disaster Area and its sound engineers, you’re obviously not familiar with Douglas Adams’ famous novel ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ So, to avoid any confusion, I extracted the following explanation from the Hitchhiker’s Wiki on the Internet: ‘Disaster Area was a plutonium rock band from the Gagrakacka Mind Zones generally regarded as not only the loudest rock band in the Galaxy, but also as being the loudest noise of any kind at all. Regular concertgoers judged that the best sound balance was usually to be heard from within large concrete bunkers some thirty-seven miles away from the stage, whilst the musicians themselves played their instruments by remote control from within a heavily insulated spaceship which stayed in orbit around the planet—or more…

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high end 2014: munich

Arcam’s Canadian owners have started to make beefy amps for the North American marketplace: At CES they showed the 200-watt A49 integrated and at High End it was joined by the C49 preamp and P49 power amp.The C49 is all analogue, has balanced inputs and outputs and an MM phono stage. The P49 appears to be based on the same module as the A49, delivering 200 watts per side, the first 50 being in Class-A and the remainder in Class-G. It can be bridged for use as a 400-watt monobloc as Arcam was doing with the new KEF Reference 5 floorstander. This is the biggest in a three strong range that replaces the 200 series with swanky-looking, sharp-edged cabinets that combine tech swiped from the Blade and LS50 models. All…