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Australian HiFi July - August 2017

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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dsd and dynamic range… time to switch on the bullshit detector

I am always disappointed when I read misinformation on the internet. Firstly because it is misinformation, and the more of it there is on the internet, the less useful the internet becomes. Secondly because of the number of people who will be deceived by this information and make poor decisions (including purchasing decisions) as a result. And thirdly because of the number of people who will not only be deceived by the misinformation, but will promulgate it, which in turn will lead to more of my first-identified disappointment. The spread of misinformation on the internet is so virus-like that it would seem to be immaterial where it first appears, or re-appears, but in fact this is important, because most people reading any information will base their opinion of whether it’s true…

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dali wireless speakers

Dali has announced of a range of powered wireless loudspeakers with BluOS built in. ‘There is a wide variety of wireless multi-room audio solutions that loudspeaker companies can choose to develop on,’ said Lars Worre, Dali’s Managing Director. ‘Our team reviewed the options and our performance values led us to the BluOS platform, which has earned an enviable reputation as a world leader in this space. For Dali this is a strong pathway for our future roadmap and it provides increased flexibility for discerning audio customers around the world.’ BluOS was developed by Bluesound, a Canadian company owned by Len-brook International, which also owns NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers. BluOS is a multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, with support for high-resolution audio streams up…

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audeze sine dx headphones

Audeze has released its Sine DX headphones, an open-backed version of its Sine closed-back headphones. ‘Open-backs, by their nature, sound more spacious and feature a wider, deeper soundstage with more air and separation between performers,’ says Audeze, ‘and using drivers optimised for an open-back headphone offers an amazingly smooth frequency response, an enormous open soundstage, and fatigue free listening.’ The Sine DX headphones have planar magnetic drivers and premium leather ear-cups. Their sleek contemporary design is the work of DesignWorksUSA, a BMW group company, and the headphones fold flat for portability. ‘Thanks to their 100dBSPL efficiency and 18Ω nominal impedance you’ll be able to drive these new Audeze Sine DX headphones with anything,’ says George Poutakidis of BusiSoft, which distributes Audeze in Australia. ‘Their sound is exquisite, and pulls you…

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e.a.t. b-sharp turntable

The European Audio Team (E.A.T) has released a new turntable, the B-Sharp, which takes many of its engineering cues from the company’s C-Major turntable. ‘The B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price,’ said Paul Clarke of Audio Active, which distributes E.A.T. in Australia. The B-Sharp turntable is fitted with a B-Note carbon-fibre/allow tonearm that has user-adjustments for vertical tracking angle and stylus rake angle, while the aluminium alloy headshell is slotted to permit overhang/offset angle adjustments. E.A.T. says the low-noise motor driving the platter via a belt is proprietary to the company, while the turntable has a floating chassis, aluminium platter and a high-density MDF base. ‘Like the…

2 min.
am re-launches vinyl cleaners

Danish manufacturer AM has updated its iconic range of LP cleaning products and relaunched it to target the new generation of vinyl fans. Founded in Copenhagen in 1971 by Anders Moesgaard, AM has updated and relaunched its original record and stylus cleaners, vinyl brush and anti-static mat, as well a cassette cleaner, tape-head cleaner, pick-up brush, record weight and gear wipes. ‘We’re delighted to bring back our range of cleaning products for analogue music; it’s been really fun to hear such positive feedback from both the original generation of vinyl collectors who’ve been familiar with AM for more than 40 years, and the new generation of younger music fans who are ditching Spotify to listen to vinyl,’ said Jacob Moesgaard, CEO at AM. ‘Global LP sales are predicted to surpass one…

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sonos playbase

The Sonos Playbase, a device that enhances the sound of your TV, is now available in Australia for $999 (RRP). As the name suggests, the Playbase is designed as a base… for your TV screen. Sonos says that although soundbars are an ideal solution for people with wall-mounted screens, they’re not ideal for users who put their TV on a horizontal structure, such as a table or shelf, and that its research shows that this is where the overwhelming majority of users put their TV. So the Sonos Playbase is designed to sit on a flat surface, underneath your TV, and deliver higher-quality audio than from the TV itself. When it’s not delivering TV sound, it can deliver music streamed from Spotify, Google Play and so on, via a single…