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Australian HiFi November - December 2014

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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editor’s lead in

When is ‘Hi-Res’ not ‘Hi-Res’ I hate to break it to you fans, but Johnny Ray is dead, and most so-called ‘hi-res’ tracks are not ‘hi-res’ at all, but rather a complete waste of your money and Internet bandwidth. First you have to define ‘hi-res’ and the problem is that none of the definitions I’ve seen is up to the job. They all fail to recognise that in order to be classified as a ‘high-res’ file the music performed by the musicians that is contained in that file MUST have been originally recorded digitally with a machine generating a 24-bit word every 48-thousandth of a second. That rules out every analogue recording ever made, and every multi-track digital recording made before 1996. So if the supposedly ‘hi-res’ music track you’re listening…

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audio heaven

DC10AUDIO BRITON II SPEAKERS The Briton II pays homage to other great large driver two-way loudspeakers of the past … from airy strings to incredibly detailed vocals, along with bass-slam to bring down the house. dc10audio’s innovations such as the port-loaded tweeter mounted in a solid wood horn, and internal/ external resonators make it one of the most unique loudspeakers available. Go to www.audioheaven.com.au/briton for more info. AUDIOBYTE BLACK DRAGON Audiobyte’s DSD Digital preamplifier with discrete headphone amplifier “…the Black Dragon earns my sincere recommendation, as overall it was the best dac/headphone amp/pre-amp combo I have ever heard until now. Besides that, it has an excellent DAC that can be used with pride in any high end system...” Headmania June 2014 For more info, go to www.audioheaven.com.au/audiobyte 3 NEW MUSIC PLAYERS TO ADD TO THE ACCLAIMED LUMIN A1 S1 The…

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yamaha rx-a2040 & rx-a3040

Yamaha celebrated the fifth anniversary of its prestigious Aventage models by releasing two new ones, the RX-A2040 and RX-A3040. ‘When conceptualising ‘Aventage’ more than five years ago, our engineers were given free rein to design a series that would transform entertainment in the home,’ said Justin d’Offay, Product Manager for Yamaha Australia. ‘The release of these two latest models from Series V demonstrates our commitment to this fundamental ambition and vividly portrays the future of home entertainment, thanks to the incorporation of Dolby Atmos [via imminent software upgrade]. With Dolby Atmos, an unprecedented sound stage is achieved with exceptional clarity, depth and detail. Localised overhead effects accentuate the home theatre experience, producing a sense of realism unmatched by any other system.’ Both new models support the latest HDMI version, along…

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goldmund apologue anniversary

Goldmund released the 25th anniversary model of its Apologue speaker system at the recently-concluded Hong Kong Audio Fair. The exterior design is identical to previous Apologues, but not the internal components. Whereas the original version of the Goldmund Apologue, released in 1987, was a three-way passive design, the new Apologue Anniversary has twice as many drivers and built-in amplification (claimed power output of the in-built amplifiers is 1,800-watts per speaker). Only 50 pairs of the original Apologue were ever produced, one of which was displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Only 25 of the 25th Anniversary Goldmund Apologue will ever be made according to Rodolphe Boulanger, Goldmund’s Sales Manager. As for the cost, he says it will be: ‘Over half a million US dollars’… not least because…

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signal projects at krispy

UK-based cable manufacturer Signal Projects products are now available for the first time in Australia. They’re being distributed by Krispy Audio. Signal Projects’ range of cables includes digital (BNC and USB) cables as well as speaker, power and interconnect cables. The Monitor Series from Signal Projects has entry-level points of $645 (digital interconnect cable) and $1,625 (speaker cable). The Monitor Series is Signal Projects’ entry-level Series. In all, Signal Projects has seven levels, the top-line one of which is the Golden Sequence Series, in which the cables use hybrid copper/gold/silver conductors in a mix of multi-core and solid core configurations. ‘Each of Signal Projects’ cables is constructed in a way so as to minimise noise flow downstream, and they offer a unique service where they can in fact customise a…

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rega elex-r

Synergy Audio Visual has released the new Rega Elex-R amplifier in Australia. The Elex-R is built into a full-width Rega case to enable the use of a large power transformer and also to aid heat dissipation, because Rega rates the power output of the Elex-R at 72.5-watts per channel into 8 , 90-watts per channel into 6 and 113-watts per channel into 4 , all with both channels driven. There are no tone controls, nor even a headphone socket, with Rega stating that it ‘avoided superfluous gadgets such as tone controls or a headphone socket as they can obstruct the signal path and degrade the produced sound quality.’ The output stage in the Elex-R is almost the same as used in the Elicit-R and Brio-R: a low source impedance emitter-follower…