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Australian HiFi November - December 2016

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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why hi-res is not ‘hi-res’

I have never been quite sure about what goes on in a recording studio, and that’s despite the fact that I’ve been in quite a few, on both sides of the desk. My first experience in a studio was as a musician and, quite frankly, I didn’t really care what the recording engineer or the producer did with our band’s soundwe’d finally made it into a studio and were making an album. When I finally heard the result, I was surprised only because I’d never heard what we sounded like other than at live gigs, where I often couldn’t hear very much at all except what I was being fed through the foldback monitors. I recall I was perfectly happy with the resulting sound, but really had no idea whether…

2 min.
first wireless b&o in-ears

Danish style specialist Bang & Olufsen has released its first pair of ‘wireless’ earphones—Beoplay H5—and they’re available in pink, with rose-coloured wiring. The seeming contradiction is because although the earphones get their signal wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2 from your phone or portable device, the left and right ear-pieces are connected by a single wire which has an in-line controller that houses the electronics and allows control over volume, track selection, switching and more. The cable is enclosed in braided textile so that it’s comfortable against the skin, while the earphone housings themselves are made of textured rubber and polymer to resist sweat and moisture. A diamond-cut radially-polished aluminium plate is mounted on top of each earpiece housing. There’s a magnet in each earpiece, so when you’re not using them, the earphones…

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gold note vasari cartridges

Italian high-end manufacturer Gold Note has released two new moving-magnet phono cartridges, the Vasari Red and Vasari Gold. The body of the Vasari Gold is machined from a solid block of duraluminium, while that of the Vasari Red is made from Delrin. Both models have aluminium cantilevers, but the Gold is tipped with a custom elliptical diamond stylus, whereas the Red is tipped with a conical diamond stylus. Both use Alnico magnets. ‘Vasari is the best MM cartridge we have ever created,’ said Maurizio Aterini, Gold Note’s founder. ‘We have always been involved in analogue audio, including making limited-edition LPs. We just really like vinyl and that’s why we want vinyl lovers to be able to upgrade their systems and enjoy a better sound.’ Despite the differences in body material and…

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mqa on nad

NAD Electronics has announced today that MQA music will be supported on select BluOS-enabled NAD components. ‘The latest BluOS firmware will power select high-performance NAD models with MQA for studio quality music streams in the home,’ said Greg Stidsen, of NAD. ‘NAD and MQA are excited that NAD owners will now be able to experience the magic of original studio recordings in the home. All users will be prompted to upgrade to the new BluOS firmware, version 2.2.5, to fully experience the latest feature enhancements and upgrades.’ Both the players and the music sources are controlled by the BluOS app, which is available free for download for iOS and Android devices. MQA-capable models are the NAD M50 (BluOS-enabled), M12 (equipped with the DD BluOS MDC module), M32 (BluOS-ready, requires licence…

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audeze sine with cipher

Audeze’s new Sine headphones are completely compatible with Apple products that use the lightning connector, thanks to the availability of its ‘Cipher’ connector cable, which is a complete 24-bit high-resolution integrated AMP/DSP/DAC with a built-in microphone that can be used for phone calls and for SIRI. The Cipher is completely compatible with Lightning sockets. For anyone who doesn’t need Apple compatibility, the new Audeze Sine headphones are also available without the cable, with a cost saving of $100. ‘These new Sine headphones are the lightest planar magnetic headphones that Audeze has ever produced,’ said George Poutakidis, director of BusiSoft AV, ‘yet despite being so light, they’re still encased in leather for the upmost comfort. Unlike other Audeze headphones, they fold flat making it easy to take them anywhere and fantastic for…

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aqua formula dac

Italian manufacturer Aqua Acoustic Quality has released its Formula DAC, which uses a hand-made discrete R2R resistor ladder DAC instead of an ‘off-the-shelf’ oversampling delta-sigma DAC. Aqua calls its R2R ladder DAC an ‘Optologic’ DAC and the Formula DAC is the first DAC made by Aqua to use it. According to the company all digital circuitry, including the clock, the FPGA and the four branches of the R2R ladder converter, is completely isolated from the analogue section through the use of galvanic and magnetic isolation. ‘One result of this total isolation is the highest tonal contrast and naturalness never heard before from digital sources,’ said Bill McLean of McLeans Smarter Home Entertainment, which distributes Aqua Acoustic Quality in Australia, ‘but it’s also because the Formula DAC uses no digital filters or…