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Australian HiFi November - December 2017

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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editor’s lead in

The recent closure of Canadian manufacturer Classé Audio, which had been owned by B&W since 2001, seems to have been the result of B&W being purchased in 2016 by EVA Automation, whose founder and CEO is Gideon Yu, is a finance specialist rather than a hi-fi specialist (he was once Chief Financial Officer at Facebook). I can’t say I was particularly surprised by this turn of events, because I had always thought that Classé was a strange purchase for B&W, even as far back as 2001. At the time, I thought that B&W was throwing a life-line to a struggling company partly because of the high quality of its products, but mostly because B&W’s then-president, Joe Atkins (who was Canadian), was trying to help out a fellow Canadian. After having had two…

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angstrom now in oz

Famous Canadian loudspeaker brand Angstrom is now available in Australia. Jay Vee Technologies has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Angstrom Loudspeakers in both Australia and New Zealand. Angstrom manufactures across all speaker categories: stand-mount, floor-standing, in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor, and has been manufacturing loudspeakers in Canada for nearly 40 years. ‘Our company is very happy with this recent distribution appointment,’ said Mark Cieszkiel, President of Angstrom Loudspeakers. ‘Angstrom has deep roots in Canada and the brand-name is very well-established in North America. Recently our on-wall speaker solution—Suono Series—has become very popular and we would like to introduce this series to other international markets. Jay Vee Technologies, as a leading distributor of audio and video products in Australia and New Zealand, will do an excellent job in promoting Angstrom…

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conrad-johnson sold

Jeff Fischel, the long-time general manager of Conrad-Johnson, is now the owner of the company, having purchased it from founders Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson. Dr Conrad and Dr Johnson founded Conrad Johnson in the early 1970s. Their first product was a preamplifier that actually had no name, though it would later go on sale as the PV1. Their second product, the MV75 stereo valve power amplifier, was far more successful than the PV1, indeed Conrad said: ‘the success of this product did much to ensure the long-term viability of Conrad-Johnson Design.’ But it was the company’s third product, a 200-watt per channel stereo valve power amplifier called the Premier One which cemented the company’s name in history. The Absolute Sound magazine called the Conrad-Johnson Premier One ‘the finest sounding…

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bryston launches bp-173 preamplifier

Canadian manufacturer Bryston has introduced its new BP-17³ (Cubed Series) preamplifier, which uses patented technology developed for Bryston’s Cubed Series amplifiers. The Bryston BP-17³ has a super-linear, low-noise input buffer that was jointly developed by Bryston and the late Dr Ioan Alexandru Salomie. This patented circuit is claimed to significantly reduce noise and distortion and has improved power line filtering over previous Cubed Series models to prevent anomalies on the power line from interfering with the audio signal. Although the BP-17³ comes without a digital input or a phono stage, these are available as added-cost options ($2,100 for a digital input, $2,100 for a MC phono stage and $1,050 for a MM phono stage). The Bryston BP-17³ also comes without a remote control, but can be controlled by Bryston’s BR-2 remote…

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unison research max 2 loudspeakers

Australian distributor Radiance Audio Visual, which distributes Unison Research in Australia, has released the Unison Research Max 2 loudspeakers to the Australian market. ‘This new Unison Research model is designed to be matched, in particular, to the Unison Research valve amplifiers,’ said Chris Strom, of Radiance AV. ‘For this purpose not only the sensitivity but also the impedance were optimised.’ The 381mm diameter bass/midrange driver is made in Italy using a cone made from a combination of wood and carbon fibre and a newly-developed surround suspension made from a fabric woven with 51 per cent cotton and 49 per cent polyester which is shaped into a triple wave rather than a single roll. The 100mm diameter dual-layer voice-coil operates from a neodymium magnet. The high-frequency compression driver in the Max›2 is…

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dali zensor 5 ax

Dali Australia has advised that the new Dali Zensor 5 AX active Bluetooth speakers are now available in Australia. Based on Dali’s award-winning Zensor 5 passive loudspeakers, this new active version uses the same passive crossover network as found in the Zensor 5, but adds a pair of Class-D amplifiers, each rated with an output of 50-watts and a Bluetooth (Apt-X) receiver, so you can stream music directly to the speakers from any compatible device. You can also connect to the Zensor 5 AX speakers using either analogue or digital signal sources. ‘The built-in stereo all-digital amplifier delivers the audio signal to both loudspeakers and is designed to bring out the best from its Zensor host regardless of the signal type,’ said Manny Kyriakides of Dali Distribution (Australia). The high-gloss…