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Australian HiFi September - October 2014

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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editor’s lead in

If there’s one thing in audio that enrages me more than any other, it would have to be the so-called ‘Compressed Music Enhancers’ that manufacturers are building into their products. The first reason it enrages me is because when MP3 was introduced, virtually every press function I attended at the time turned nasty whenever the presenter claimed that MP3 was ‘CD-quality’ because I’d be forced to put my hand up and state the obvious: namely that what the presenter was claiming was not true. This would naturally upset the presenter, not least because it alerted the other journalists present (many of whom lacked even a rudimentary knowledge of audio signal processing) that perhaps there was something wrong with MP3 and that whatever it was, there could be a story in…

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TRIGON CHRONOLOG AT CLASS A AUDIO Trigon Audio’s Chronolog CD Player/CD Ripper/Music Server is now available in Australia through Class A Audio. Trigon says the best way to use its Chonolog is to copy music from your CDs onto the Chronolog’s internal solid state drive (SSD) and then play it from there. ‘The best way to operate your Chronolog is through a tablet computer,’ says Kevin You, of Class A Audio, which distributes Trigon in Australia. ‘I recommend an iPad as this impressed me the most in terms of speed and usability, but other tablet computers can also be used, or you can instead operate your Chronolog through any other device that has a browser that supports the use of Java Scripts… which in most cases is any modern device with…

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whatmough signature progeny

When I reviewed Whatmough’s then-new Paragon loudspeakers ‘way back in 2005, I posited that they were Australia’s best, and my reviewer cohort at the time agreed. I still think they’re Australia’s best loudspeakers, but in the almost ten years the Paragons have been available, they’ve not exactly been running out the doors. One reason might be their price, which at $50,000 is certainly a hurdle, but another is almost certainly their size and weight. Not many music lovers are prepared to have a pair of 1.57 metre tall, 250kg behemoths in their room… no matter how good they might sound! Which is where the very-aptly named Progeny loudspeakers come in. As the name infers, the Whatmough Progeny is a direct lineal descendant of the flagship Paragon that, in according to Kee…

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three-way stereo

Mind you, we’ve come up with some rippers so far. Skype, for example. Satellite navigation and on-line Scrabble. I like the fact that all my CDs can be stored digitally at full quality, I like Pandora and I like that my phone always presents the correct time. But some others, well, not so much. Hackers have got into Japan’s computerised toilet seats and there’s Dolby Atmos which, with the simple inclusion of four speakers in the roof, turns your 7.2 surround system into a 7.2.4. Doubtless when they introduce Dolby ButWaitThere’sMore you’ll be able to add floor speakers for a What about a roving speaker bopping about like a robot vacuum cleaner? And now there’s three-way stereo. Have you ever seen folk younger and more foolish than yourself sharing stereo ear-buds? You…

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hi-res hi-jinks

How audiophilic are audiophile discs? That’s a silly question because the answer is: ‘It depends on the disc’. So let’s look at just one in which the producers have managed to stuff up a significant part. The DVD-Audio version of The Beach Boys’ 1966 album ‘Pet Sounds’—which Wikipedia says is ‘one of the most influential records in the history of popular music’—is actually a hybrid disc. One side is DVD Audio and the flip side is DVD Video. Unusually for a DVD Audio disc, the version I purchased back in December of 2005 has the video—mostly the menus, but also some bonus videos—in PAL (more correctly, 576i50) format. I purchased it locally (from JB HiFi if I recall), but the packaging indicates it was produced in the EU. The DVD Audio side has…

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nad d3020

It is not unknown for some canny marketing types to ‘leverage’ old model numbers to stimulate sales of new and often completely different products. This marketing tactic involves releasing a new product with the same (or very similar) model number as a product the company previously sold that was popular with consumers. One example of this in the automotive world is Nissan’s ‘Z’ series of sports cars. The current Nissan 370Z started its model life as the Datsun 240Z, a model that was so phenomenally successful for Nissan that when it ‘retired’ the Datsun marque, it deemed it essential to keep the ‘240Z’ numbering system to ensure the continued success of the model. So the 240Z transitioned to become the 260Z, then the 280Z, and so on, but even Nissan’s latest…