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Australian HiFi September - October 2016

Australian HiFi is the definitive magazine for discerning listeners and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Every issue is packed with equipment and music reviews, new product information and ‘how-to’ articles. Australian Hi-Fi magazine is dedicated to helping you find the best quality sound for your home.

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listening material: epic fail

Listening sessions. What are they really for? Contrary to a belief that’s unfortunately gaining traction, a listening session is not so you can ‘discover new music’, listen to whatever’s trending at the time, or even to hear your favourite music played to its best advantage. The sole purpose of any listening session, either at a hi-fi show or in a dealer’s showroom, is to enable you to hear how accurately a component reproduces the true, unamplified, unprocessed sound of acoustic musical instruments and human voices. In these days of amplified voices and instruments, that’s becoming harder to do, but it’s not impossible. The reason for using only acoustic instruments and voices is that in order to judge if any hi-fi component is adding or detracting from sound quality, you need to know…

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wilson audio alexx

According to Advance Audio, which distributes Wilson Audio in Australia, everyone who assumed that Wilson Audio’s Alexx would replace the venerable MAXX on the basis that it was Wilson’s latest entry into the large speaker segment, just below the Alexandria, should think again. ‘The Alexx is an altogether more complex and sophisticated loudspeaker, incorporating Wilson’s latest thinking on loudspeaker design in the areas of time-domain geometry, driver configuration, and driver development,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio. ‘The Alexx is the latest beneficiary of Wilson’s ongoing analysis of low-resonance cabinet strategies via laser micrometer and draws from the Alexia and the Sabrina, as well as from the WAMM.’ The Alexx uses a different version of the MTM driver geometry it’s used in past models. The Alexx splits the midrange between two…

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sennheiser upgrades pxc 550 ‘phones

Sennheiser has upgraded the battery life and microphones on its PXC 550 wireless noise-cancelling headphones. The PXC 550 can now operate for 30 hours continuously on a single charge with both Bluetooth and the active hybrid ‘NoiseGard’ adaptive noise cancellation engaged, and the addition of an extra microphone means that thanks to a beam-forming array, anyone on the other end of the phone line will hear your voice clearly. ‘The PXC 550 now makes being connected on the move even easier, with unrivalled speech clarity for business and personal calls, no matter how noisy the environment,’ said Dr Christian Ern, of Sennheiser. ‘And to ensure travellers have an ideal private space for relaxing or staying focused on work, Sennheiser’s NoiseGard hybrid adaptive noise cancellation seamlessly monitors and adapts to ambient…

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the hi–fi headlines

Panasonic’ eagerly awaited 4K UHD Blu-ray player, known as the DMP-UB900, has now launched in Australia. Recently we were lucky to have Panasonic’s own Japanese based Chief Engineer, Kazuhiko Kouno, in the Showroom for a technical briefing and to take us through the considerable technical achievements they’ve packaged into their flagship player. From what we’ve seen of its specs and fron witnessing its operation first hand, it is clearly a cut above the rest. This is a 4K Blu-ray disc player that has been built with high-end user tastes in mind, especially for fans of high-end audio formatting. It certainly looks the premium item. The glass-cut finish and mirrored front panel is designed to match expensive flat panel TVs. The remote comes with classy backlighting – very handy when you’ve got all…

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classé sigma 2200i integrated amplifier

Classé’s latest stereo integrated amplifier, the Sigma 2200i, uses the same amplifier used in the Sigma AMP2, a Class-D design rated at 200-watts per channel into 8 and 400-watts per channel into 4 and the same front end as used in the Sigma SSP. The Classé Sigma 2200i has conventional analogue wired inputs (one balanced and two unbalanced) as well as digital wired inputs (coaxial and optical) as well as USB (types A and B), HDMI (×4) and Ethernet connections. Although there is no phono input, it’s possible to option one in. Everything can be controlled using Classé’s familiar touch-screen, which also gives access to a tone control, a nine-band parametric equaliser and bass management to control the subwoofer output, all of which is accomplished in the digital domain. It’s…

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yamaha expands musiccast

Yamaha has expanded its award-winning MusicCast multi-room audio system with two new models, the WXC-50 and WXA-50, which enable users to either connect their existing audio equipment to the Music-multi-room functionality to existing amplifiers and AV receivers, even if they don’t have network connectivity, enabling owners to unlock a wide variety of audio content including music streaming services. Also, because the Expand WXC-50 also shares content with other MusicCast components (via an intuitive app interface), multi-room connectivity becomes possible. The Yamaha Expand Amplifier (WXA-50) is a 2.1-channel amplifier capable of converting any pair of loudspeakers—and subwoofer, if necessary— into a MusicCast-enabled audio solution. Simply connect the Expand WXA-50 to any pair of existing loudspeakers and you’ll be able to send music to them wirelessly from any other MusicCast component anywhere in…