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Australian Motorcycle News Vol 69 Issue 20

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the essentials

THERE ARE SO many variables in life right now. Wondering when you will see interstate friends and family again, wondering how Zoom works, wondering if a short blast up your favourite ride road qualifies as ‘essential travel’ or not. All of that. The one thing we can rely on is the feeling that the motorcycle (or indeed, those motorcycles) in your shed offers. Even if we aren’t enjoying it as we once did, or are stuck simply working on them rather than riding them, it will come back. We will ride freely again. And appreciate it even more. We will ride again, and in the meantime, ride when it’s essential It’s like those of us who have kids. When they are toddlers; demanding, messy, not sleeping great and so goddamn noisy, you think…

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bmw r 18 officially unveiled

THE SHOWROOM-READY production model R 18 has finally made its global debut. Powered by an 1802cc air-cooled boxer twin – replete with pushrods to drive its four valves per cylinder – in cruiser style, it’s a low-revving, thump-every-lamppost engine. Its redline sits at 5750rpm but since peak power (67kW) is 1000rpm lower than that and max torque of 158Nm arrives at just 3000rpm, there’s no point reaching for the rev-limiter. There’s more than 150Nm on tap all the way from 2000rpm to 4000rpm, so early upshifts through the six-speed transmission will be the order of the day. The power reaches the rear wheel via an exposed drive shaft and is tamed by traction control and software to stop the rear wheel locking when you close the throttle. It’s an imposing beast; wider than…

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custom canvas

AS STANDARD, THE R 18 comes with wire-spoked wheels, a 19-inch front and 16-inch rear, but the extensive options list gives a choice of sizes in both alloy and wire designs. You can have a 16, 18, 19 or 21-inch front, with various widths, and choose front fenders to suit. The rear fender can also be swapped for a bobber-style version that hugs the rear wheel, accompanied by a tractor-style seat that hovers above it. There’s a selection of seats, designed in cooperation with Mustang Seats in America, and various bars and risers right up to exaggerated ape-hangers. Footboards can also replace the stock pegs. There are a variety of screens on offer, along with auxiliary lights. Roland Sands has also joined the party with a line of RSD options, while Vance…

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honda cb-f concept hints at a retro future

CONCEPT MODELS HAVE been a staple of Japanese bike shows for decades and while this year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it hasn’t stopped Honda from revealing the CB-F Concept which would have been its stand centrepiece. The CB-F is a bit of a departure from the concept bike norm. While they’re often used to let engineers and stylists off the hook, giving an outlet for their wildest ideas, this is a very real-world rework of the existing CB1000R. Just as Suzuki took its modern GSX-1000S and slapped on a set of retro bodywork to create the new Katana, Honda hasn’t fiddled with any of the mechanical parts of the CB-F. As such, if it was to get the green light for production it would…

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race kawasaki zx-25r revealed

KAWASAKI’S FOUR-CYLINDER ZX-25R sportsbike is one of the most intriguing new models to be coming in 2020 and while we’re still waiting for the firm to reveal detailed specifications and plans for the bike, we now know there will be a dedicated one-make race series for it. The firm has shown this race-spec version of the ZX-25R to demonstrate how the competition versions might look. It won’t actually sell the bikes in track-ready form, though – competitors will be expected to buy a stock road-going model and convert it using aftermarket components. On this example the bodywork is carbon-fibre kit from A-Tech, the exhaust comes from Beet, the fork is the original Showas with a new low-friction coating and the rear shock is from a ZX-10R. The ZX-25’s 249cc four-cylinder engine revs to…

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affordable electric

H-D PLANS TO slowly add two adventure bikes – the Pan America in 1250cc and 975cc sizes – along with five Revolution Max-powered Streetfighter models and five similarly-engined Custom bikes. We’ve already seen designs that suggest one of the new machines will be a half-faired sports bike that harks back to the VR1000 racer. Another push is towards more electric bikes including battery-assisted cycles, scooters and this middleweight electric dirt tracker. Designed to slot in under the pioneering but pricey LiveWire, the tracker was revealed in September’s investors-only document and wears the badge ‘EDT600R’ on its tank. ‘EDT’ probably means Electric Dirt Tracker. While the LiveWire has gained praise for its accomplished performance and range, it’s aimed at wealthy early-adopters. The cheaper EDT600R will target a wider audience.…