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Australian Motorcycle News Vol 69 Issue 23

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wants and desires

MY FIRST MEMORY of wanting to ride motorcycles, and perhaps not the first time I actually thought it, was the hazy glimpse of my dad on his Honda CB350, through the rain-soaked window of our car. He was wet, probably cold, but it just looked so cool and more fun than I imagined was legal. The fact it was ‘only’ a CB350 mattered not. I just knew I wanted to do THAT! A week later, I burned my leg on the exhaust, after bumming a ride down the driveway with him – it didn’t put me off one iota. It was just part of it all; leg burns and precipitation are the prices to pay for the majesty of riding a motorcycle. All totally worth it. A lifelong fascination with motorcycles followed,…

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retro riot

THE MARKET FOR Superbike-style sportsbikes has contracted over recent years. However, AMCN believes it does have a future that revolves around reinterpreting the original era that started the genre. MV Agusta’s Superveloce 800 and Kawasaki-owned Bimota’s upcoming KB4 hark back to the 1970s and early 1980s. Here’s what our industry sleuth Ben Purvis said when he first spied the Superveloce 18 months ago: “Yes, it’s an F3 800 under the skin, but oh what a skin it is. The Superveloce is so well-proportioned that it could redefine the long-running neo-retro genre.” MV has broken new ground by combining the curvaceous shapes of the past with modern design elements and applying it to a full-on sportsbike. Will the Russian-owned Italian company inspire a mass manufacturer? If Kawasaki’s effort with the KB4 Bimota is any indication, the…

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back in business

BLURRED IMAGES OF the new Kawasaki Z1000-powered Bimota KB4 show that the retro is on-track for a full unveiling later this year. Kawasaki holds a 49.9 percent share in the Italian company and the good news of a more affordable Bimota is starting to emerge. More affordable doesn’t mean ‘cheap’, but when Bimota unveiled the vastly expensive, supercharged, 170kW Tesi H2 at last November’s EICMA show it also showed design sketches of a more conventional KB4 model using Kawasaki’s 104kW Z1000 engine. With a steel-trellis frame and an off-the-shelf, mid-range engine from its new sugar daddy, the KB4 looks likely to be a natural successor to earlier ‘affordable’ Bimotas like the popular DB2 of the 1980s. Now the first photographs have emerged to show the KB4 is more than just a design sketch.…

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back in black

A NEW BLACK-and-gold colour option gives MV’s Superveloce 800 a radically different look. Officially called ‘metallic carbon black and dark metallic grey’, MV Agusta says the scheme “provides a sophisticated sober feel, synonymous with the Formula 1 racing of the 1970s, providing a rich yet restrained alternative to the corporate MV Agusta colours.” Of course, that Formula 1 look they’re referring to is from the famous Lotus cars that ran JPS sponsorship during much of the 1970s, not to mention the JPS rotary Norton racebikes of the late 1980s. If the black scheme is a departure from the norm for MV, the other new scheme for the Superveloce is firmly in the company’s comfort zone. It’s the classic red, silver and gold combination that’s been used across a host of bikes over…

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cfmoto’s megabike imminent

China’s industry has finally come of age AMCN HAS BEEN following the progress of CFMoto’s forthcoming CF1250 tourer for over a year. Now we can reveal it is on the verge of mass production, with two examples spotted being used by the Chinese police as recently as late March. The CF1250 is the first to feature CFMoto’s new 1279cc V-twin engine, the result of its tie-in with KTM. Later this year it’s due to have a massive new factory on line to manufacture worldwide supplies of the KTM 790 Duke and 790 Adventure. As part of the deal, it has gained access to a unique version of KTM’s LC8 V-twin engine. Completely re-engineered with new castings and a unique 1279cc capacity, it’s the basis of the biggest, most powerful CFMoto ever made. The CF1250…

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harley postpones bronx and pan america

FOLLOWING ON FROM our story last issue, Harley-Davidson’s new President and CEO, Jochen Zeitz, has quickly taken some tough decisions and has postponed the upcoming Bronx and Pan America models. He has also revealed an unusual electric motorcycle inspired by the classic XR750 flat-track racer, which is celebrating 50 years. It’s all part of what Zeitz calls the “Rewire” program, which returns the focus back onto Harley’s core US market and its more traditional mainstream machines. Although it’s yet to be padded out, a key element is to “simplify and retime launches to reflect the new (worldwide economic and health) reality, align with the start of the (US) riding season and better suit the capacity of the company and dealers”. Moving the DOHC, water-cooled Pan America and Bronx debuts from late 2020 to early…